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Gaddafi’s Letter to the newly-wed Bhutan Royals

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Wangchuck, Tashichodzong, Thimphu, Bhutan I often used to think of writing to you since I was out on the run but I had no access to internet then and even if I chanced to get it, I could definitely not pour my opinion as securely as I am doing at the […]

Published on Oct 22 2011 // Opinion

No law in place to protect their rights

Social discrimination is the direct result of a lack of public awareness HIV Positive People Dorji does not blame his parents for sending him out of their home. They did not know anything about HIV. It was relatives, who told his parents that HIV spreads from touching and living together, he said. “So I stayed […]

Published on Oct 21 2011 // Human Rights Monitor

Popular online forum bids farewell

Technical glitches is the reason given for calling it a day Bhutan Times website One of the country’s most popular and, at times, controversial online forum, the Bhutan Times (no relation to Bhutan Times weekly newspaper) is closing shop, according to a message on its website. Instead of the usual listing of discussions and aggregated […]

Published on Oct 21 2011 // Media Monitor

Bhutanese democracy struggle bids bye to its amble fighter

The Bhutanese democratic movement will not face any such terrible setbacks as it faces today – with the demise of Rongthong Kuenly Dorji. The contribution of Late Dorji will shine in golden letters in the history of Bhutanese democratic struggle. Stepping down from a luxury life to work with the most marginalized and suppressed section […]

Published on Oct 20 2011 // News Analysis

Parliamentary visit: a new development in the Japan-Bhutan friendship

A seven member delegation from the National Council of Bhutan visited Japan led by the Chairperson on invitation of Mr.Takeo Nishioka, the President of the House of Councillors of Japan from September 26 – October 2, 2011. The visit was special because this is the first such exchange between Japan and Bhutan in the 25 […]

Published on Oct 12 2011 // Opinion

Promoting What is Ours

“What are three aspects that you think distinguish Bhutan from other countries in the region,” a visitor once asked me. And just as any Bhutanese would answer, I took no time in listing the three things that I thought attribute to Bhutan’s uniqueness – our unique architecture, our artistic weaving culture and our pristine natural […]

Published on Sep 27 2011 // Commentary

Of royal wedding

In 7th century before the Christian era, the area (today’s Bhutan) was ruled by Kooche Sangaldip from Kooch (today’s Cooch Bihar) Assam, India. Thereafter, his descendants ruled this area until 7th century A.D as tutelage of Kamarupa in Assam. In 650 A.D after the death of ruler Bhaskaravarman, it got separated from Kamarupa and exposed […]

Published on Sep 24 2011 // News Analysis

"From the Human to the Voracious Beast"

Mr President, Excellencies, Distinguished Delegates, Ladies and Gentlemen My country is most happy to welcome South Sudan as a member of the UN family. I seek your permission, Mr. President, to speak on the subject of Happiness. Since joining the UN 41 years ago, Bhutan has always maintained a long term and broad perspective on […]

Published on Sep 24 2011 // Opinion

Govt. provided no assistance

Haa: More than 30 people from nine households of Gyensa village in Bji gewog, Haa are sharing a tent as their houses were damaged by the earthquake of September 18. The tent was given by a Royal Bhutan Army Officer yesterday. Till then, the families had taken shelter under a maruti van. A 29-year-old tour […]

Published on Sep 22 2011 // Human Rights Monitor

Bhutanese Refugee issue – ‘A Rigmarole’

Bhutanese Refugee making and the Struggle Ensuing mass exodus of the Bhutanese citizens from south Bhutan in 1990, a large group of Sharchhokps and people from other communities entered Nepal and started working for the establishment of a real and inclusive democracy in Bhutan. Although refugee making has nothing to do with Nepal, the imbroglio […]

Published on Sep 21 2011 // Commentary