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Vexing new year for Bhutan Times

The Earth Ox year was not very good for Bhutan Times, as the paper made headlines with the resignation of its founding managing director, a financial crisis and a mass resignation of the editor and six reporters who accused the management of editorial interference. It seems the beginning of the New Year also doesn’t seem […]

Published on Jan 05 2010 // Media Monitor

Gelephu: developing as center of attraction

January 04, 2009: After years of neglect, the Bhutanese bureaucracy, political circle and the business community are finally realizing the economic potentiality of the southern border towns, and in general that of the south. Almost three decades of hatred had almost ruined this potentiality. Revising it takes another few years, after which southern Bhutan many […]

Published on Jan 04 2010 // Main News

Media ethics workshop concludes

January 02, 2009: he three-day workshop on media ethics organised for Bhutanese media professionals came to an end yesterday, with Dr Venkat Iyer, barrister and lecturer at the University of Ulster, speaking about the journalistic ethics of reporting on vulnerable individuals and groups in society. The session also covered the pros and cons of prejudicial […]

Published on Jan 03 2010 // Media Monitor

Business in India affects business in Bhutan

January 03, 2009: It is regular news that political instability and strikes in neighboring states have affected businesses, travel and lives in Bhutan. But normal situation in Indian states also started creating problems in Bhutan. The massive flow of cheap Chinese goods into Indian market has attracted Bhutanese buyers as well. Since Bhutan does not […]

Published on Jan 03 2010 // Main News

The writes and wrongs

January 01, 2010 – Public interest is one of the driving factors that help determine the journalists’ decision to tell stories, some 20 Bhutanese journalists were told during a discussion on the ethical dimensions of journalism. Public interest, explained resource person Dr Venkat Iyer, includes detecting or exposing crime or serious impropriety, protecting public health […]

Published on Jan 01 2010 // Media Monitor

The battle for eyeballs begins

With the imminent introduction of DTH, TV viewers will soon be spoiled for choice With the government on the lookout to license direct to home (DTH) TV operators in the country, cable operators are worried that they might go under if authorities do not create a level playing field. Most are concerned that, if DTH […]

Published on Dec 30 2009 // Media Monitor

Indo-Bhutan relations

Bhutan, a Himalayan kingdom of 635,000 people, geographically located between China and India, has one of the highest per capita incomes in South Asia at over $2,000. Bhutan is a very peace loving and friendly country and its people are happy and prosperous. On November 6, 2008, formal coronation of 29-year-old Bhutanese King Jigme Khesar […]

Published on Dec 30 2009 // Opinion

Seriously injured Koirala passes away

(Tikaram Koirala, a resettled Bhutanese from Beldangi II extension Sector A-3 , passed away at Vinderbille hospital at Tennesse State of USA at 12 noon local time today. Koirala, a former sub sector head of A-3 was hit by a speedy car from behind while Koirala was returning to his home from work. He was […]

Published on Dec 30 2009 // Main News

TV channels chopped off again

December 29, 2009: The Bhutan Information, Communication and Media Authority (BICMA) has again cut off over a dozen foreign television channels from Bhutanese cable lines last week. With this order, the Bhutanese cable operators are allowed to distribute only 40 television channels. The restricted channels include a number of sports and a few movie channels. […]

Published on Dec 29 2009 // Media Monitor

Stock market peeping out for greater trading

December 29, 2009: The possibly-smallest stock market in the world is likely to get out of box in near future as government starts mulling for allowing private brokerage firms to operate. The only stock exchange of the country, Royal Securities Exchange of Bhutan Ltd. (RSEBL), established in 1993 still operates in dormant with four computers […]

Published on Dec 29 2009 // Main News