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Family suspected poisoned

January 16, 2009: Suspected aconite (tsendu) poisoning of food hospitalized the family of officer in command of Lhuentse police, Major Tashi Tobgay, on January 8. At 10 that morning, Kunzang Lhamo, the OC’s mother, was rushed to the dzongkhag hospital after she complained of stomach disorder, vomiting and weakness. According to the OC’s wife, Dawa […]

Published on Jan 16 2010 // Human Rights Monitor

PDP starts revival campaign

January 16, 2009: The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) that received shocking votes in the first parliamentary elections of the country in 2008 has now renewed its efforts for revival of its presence in all districts. The party since the elections has almost faded out with only countable number of its members renewing membership in the […]

Published on Jan 16 2010 // Main News

Children sacrifice for Bio-medical research

Last September infants in Bhutan were immunized using new life saving ‘5 in 1’ vaccine named ‘Pentavalent’. Gross of children succumbed to the vaccine and others suffered from acute side effects. The samples of vaccines were sent to advance laboratories for test. The result took unexpectedly long time to come out. In the mean time, […]

Published on Jan 16 2010 // News Analysis

Revival of the oppressed literature

Creations see no bounds, no borders. Geography, politics, bureaucracy or many other restrictions that human being and nature created can act just the feeblest resistance to creations. Even the end of civilization cannot end the literature. One of the reasons of eviction Nepali-speakers in early 1990 was our endeavour to widen the scope of Nepali […]

Published on Jan 12 2010 // Commentary

Regulating media content

The release of the new rules of content for media has defined what kind of media Bhutan is to have. Many things that are not allowed according to the BICMA rules are perfectly legal and even accepted in some parts of the world. Not to say that this means that our rules are overbear­ing. After […]

Published on Jan 10 2010 // Media Monitor

Bhutan is best place to live in the region

January 10, 2009: Bhutan has been ranked the top among South Asian countries to live, leaving behind nations like Russia, India, United States and China, according to a latest survey. According to the 2010 Quality of Life Index, published by travel magazine International Living, Bhutan ranks 75th good country for living out of 194 countries […]

Published on Jan 10 2010 // Main News

Resettled Bhutanese found dead

Jan 9: Jit Bahadur Pradhan, a Bhutanese resettled in Pittersberg ,USA was found  dead yesterday around 4:30 am. According to Bhanu Phuyel, a Bhutanese resettled there, he was spotted  hanging at neighbour’s laundry. Pradhan, 60, was resettled from Beldangi-II Extension, Sector E-1, hut no 40 on December 2, 2009 whose settlement was sponsored by the […]

Published on Jan 10 2010 // Main News

Media wars…

Mass media in Bhutan has enjoyed exceptional growth recently. During the last four years, five new newspapers – all privately owned – started operations in quick succession.  Bhutan Times, Bhutan Observer, Bhutan Today, Business Bhutan and The Journalist hit the newsstands on 30 April 2006, 2 June 2006, 30 October 2008, 26 September 2009 and […]

Published on Jan 08 2010 // Media Monitor

Integrating GNH into school teachings

Jan 06: The Ministry of Education is making every effort to include happiness education in the schools curriculum as part of the government mission for practical implementation of the gross national happiness principles. Shortly after concluding an international level workshop on GNH in Thimphu (December 7-12) in presence of the international personalities and government executives, […]

Published on Jan 06 2010 // Main News

Setting the ethical bar

January 06, 2008 – Involving a minor, below 18 years, in any form of Bhutanese media without the consent of the parent or guardian will be an offence, according to the rules on content for Bhutanese ICT and media industry. The content rules on 12 sections, including violence, children, nudity, religion, language, crime and advertisements, […]

Published on Jan 06 2010 // Media Monitor