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Child rights still in its infancy

Despite numerous achievements in the area of child rights, there seems to be a lack of a formal and streamlined child protection system in the country. The recent Bhutan Multiple Indicator Survey shows that 30 percent of girls are married before the age of 18 years, while 18 percent of children are engaged in child […]

Published on Nov 18 2011 // Human Rights Monitor

15 year old stabs 19-year-old

A 15-year old boy stabbed a 19 year old twice in his chest in Gelephu around 7:45am yesterday. The incident occurred near the Gelephu guesthouse when students were on their way to the schools. The 19 year old was stabbed when he tried to stop the 15 year old from kicking another schoolboy. Gelephu police […]

Published on Nov 15 2011 // Human Rights Monitor

International news in Dzongkha

Gyelchi Sarshok is the second Dzongkha newspaper After the Bhutan InfoCom and Media Authority held it up for more than two months after its first issue hit the newsstands, the weekly Gyelchi Sarshok is back in the market from last Saturday. BICMA issued an order restricting the paper from being published when its first issue […]

Published on Nov 15 2011 // Media Monitor

Modernising Kurdistan : A Bhutanese Approach

Imagine a country where happiness is the guiding principal of government. Imagine a people who see all life as sacred and the source of their happiness, a place with an abundance of clean and renewable energy, a nation committed to preserving its culture. Imagine a Kingdom where the King lives in a simple wooden cottage […]

Published on Nov 14 2011 // Commentary

Man knifed thrice

By YesheY Dema A 28 year old former reporter with one of the private news papers was knifed thrice by a 30 year old accountant who also works in another private news paper. The incident took place at the Hongkong market in Thimphu around 9:30pm on Saturday night. In his statement to the police, the […]

Published on Nov 11 2011 // Media Monitor

Bhutan, Kingdom of the happiness!

Bhutan, a small almost inaccessible kingdom right in the heart of Himalaya, shines in the eyes of western imagination: A Buddhist country, perceived as similar to Tibet with the exception of its protection from the Chinese dragon, this tourist luxury destination with a visa of about $250 a day guarantees an ‘exotic’ stay without too […]

Published on Nov 09 2011 // Opinion

Government can’t spoon feed media

The fact that several media houses has mushroomed in the last few years stands as an embodiment of the support that the government has rendered to the media. Apart from the advertisements, the government has created a congenial environment for the media to grow. The Prime Minister, Jigmi Y Thinley informed the media when questioned […]

Published on Nov 03 2011 // Media Monitor


Yeshey Dorji, a prolific blogger (and an excellent photographer), weighed in on minister Khaw Boon Wan’s controversial comments by concurring with the view that since we want to emulate Singapore, for us Singapore could well be the Shangri-la. But regardless of where Shangri-la may lie, Yeshey admits to finding GNH confusing, and raises the alarming […]

Published on Nov 03 2011 // Commentary

Man detained for defamation

A man in his early 30s has been apprehended by the police in Thimphu for posting malicious opinions in one of the online forums repeatedly against an official in Gelephu. He has been apprehended based on a written complaint accusing him of making unsubstantiated defamatory remarks under a fictitious name. Police said the man has […]

Published on Nov 03 2011 // Human Rights Monitor

Private papers feel the heat

Bhutan Today, a daily, has gone biweekly recently. Bhutan Times, the first private newspaper in the country, is laying off seven employees shortly after which it will have only 24 staff. At the height of its success three years ago, it had 97 staff. The private newspapers in Bhutan are going through what the managers […]

Published on Oct 25 2011 // Media Monitor