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Eastern Bhutan closed to conserve happiness

Twelve years ago, eastern Bhutan was closed to trap and kill the rebels who raised voice against the autocratic regime in Thimphu. At least one hundred and fifty eastern Bhutanese were arrested and tortured to coerce them to confess being the supporters of Rongthong Kunley Dorji of Druk National Congress (DNC) and United Front for […]

Published on Feb 03 2010 // News Analysis

Fake assurance to Dagana residents

January 31, 2010: People of Goshi geog under Dagana failed get government’s assurance to reopen their Goshi Junior High School by early 2010 tuned out to be a foul play of politics. The school was turned into an army barrack after 1990 and remained closed for two decades and more. Due to absence of the […]

Published on Jan 31 2010 // Human Rights Monitor

Govt opens door for external borrowings

January 31, 2010: The cabinet has granted permission to private entrepreneurs and organizations for borrowing from each other and from foreign sources. The private sector had urged the government to open that door saying that the local banks were not able to meet financial requirement for mega projects which require exorbitant funds. The Royal Monetary […]

Published on Jan 31 2010 // Main News

India’s Role in the Bhutanese Democratic Movement

The role of the Indian government on the paraphernalia of the Bhutanese democratic movement for human rights and democracy begs for more criticism than appreciation. India’s strategic advantage both in terms of location and influence on  governance in Bhutan is hardly concealed from anyone. But after two decades, India’s attitude on the Bhutanese movement remains […]

Published on Jan 30 2010 // Commentary

India must play positive role for Bhutan democracy

January 30, 2010: Despite being a leading democracy in world, India always remained silent spectator to many of the democratic struggles in its neighbor. Bhutan is one of them, where India not only acted as mere spectator but sided with autocracy to crash democratic fight. Bhutan Media Society (BMS) called upon leaders from diverse background […]

Published on Jan 30 2010 // Main News

Papers with ‘rubbish’ news to lose ads

Private newspapers say that a circulation audit will see them losing out to old players in the market in terms of government ads Soon, newspapers with more contents of gross national happiness (GNH) and other national priorities may land up getting more government advertisements than those who run posters of Hollywood actors and give “rubbish” […]

Published on Jan 27 2010 // Media Monitor

Resettled Bhutanese become a part of Australia Day celebration

January 27, 2010: Ex-refugees from Bhutan, resettled in Adelaide, participated in the Australia Day celebration by joining the parade in the city, on Tuesday. Clad neatly in the Bhutanese national dress, Gho and Kira, and some in the ethnic Nepali dress, Daura Suruwal and Guneu Cholo, the participants joined some 60 other communities of South […]

Published on Jan 27 2010 // Main News

Advocacy in Europe states in high hope

January 26, 2009: The advocacy in Europe has started at high hopes as five-member delegation of Bhutanese Advocacy Forum – Europe (BAF-Europe) headed by its coordinator Durga Giri held meetings with high level European Union officials at Brussels on January 25. The delegates met with Jean-Christian Remond and Rensje Teerind, Head and deputy Head of […]

Published on Jan 26 2010 // Main News

Despite Democracy, Christians in Bhutan Remain Underground

THIMPHU, Bhutan, In this distant and isolated nation in the eastern Himalayas, known as the “Land of the Thunder Dragon,” almost everything looks uniformly Buddhist. Most men and women in the landlocked country between India and China wear their national dress, and all the buildings – with their sloping walls, trefoil-shaped windows and pitched roofs […]

Published on Jan 26 2010 // Human Rights Monitor

Diaspora keeps live

January 25, 2010: Despite hurdles and challenges posed by new experiences after the resettlement program, Bhutanese Diaspora tends remain lively, organized and widening for rights. The latest updates are Europe and Australia. The Bhutanese in Europe have recently announced the formation of Bhutanese Advocacy Forum Europe, with representatives from all European countries where Bhutanese reside. […]

Published on Jan 24 2010 // Main News