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Census exercise boomerangs

BY S.B. SUBBA: The most pernicious and contentious census has now started pricking the mind of the other northern Bhutanese too. In 1990s it was only to the Nepali-speaking southern Bhutanese, the exercise was laden and rest of the northern fellowmen felt well ensconced and any errors deliberately or inadvertently committed by the census and […]

Published on Jul 01 2010 // Commentary

Bhur to have a domestic airport

Department of Civil Aviation Bhutan (DCAB) has done all preparations to carryout structural survey for construction of a domestic airport in Gelephu. A divisional engineer at DCAB said, soon the department would kick start road mapping and site development activities in Bhur in Gelephu. For construction this airport, the department was looking for around 500 […]

Published on Jun 23 2010 // Main News

OBCA Convention: Looking back and forth

The election result evidently shows that our younger generation is emerging to take a lead role to serve the community. However, the fact that the contribution and guidance of experts, experienced and older generation community leaders that stands unavoidable, should not be undermined in any sense. Youth’s single effort, for sure, is not very stronger until we learn to be guided by seniors from within the community. As we are in transitional phase, the need to have collective leadership is yet another significant demand of the time. This demand in one sense will largely contribute for “unity” of the community. Days after the convention of the OBCA, Bhutanese will soon see another convention of the Association of Bhutanese in America (ABA) slated from July 2-4 in the same venue. If both of these organizations continue to compete with one another, it is sure one might win the game; yet community as a whole will loose it though.

Published on Jun 23 2010 // Opinion

OBCA Convention: Looking back and forth

Though not prescheduled, I headed to Atlanta to blog live about the first nation convention of the Organization of Bhutanese Communities in America (OBCA) from June 18-19. A never practiced trend, Bhutan News Service (BNS) finally reported the event live, though it was from mobile due to lack of internet connection in the convention venue. […]

Published on Jun 23 2010 // Opinion

Refugee day celebrations finally ended

Celebrations of this year’s World Refugee Day (WRD) in Nepal has finally come to an end Monday evening following a formal program at Nepal Tourism Board organized by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

The ending program marked presentation of videos clips of resettled Bhutanese, photo exhibition, speeches and Bhutanese traditional dance by artists from camps

Published on Jun 21 2010 // Main News

ABA convention Vs Unity Concerns

Prologue Upon the request of TP Mishra, editor of BNS, I headed to the convention venue of Association of Bhutanese in America (ABA) on July 3 to report the event live. As their first day convention didn’t hold much significance, we decided to report the program live from the next day. We had actually thought […]

Published on Jun 08 2010 // Opinion

GNH bounced back from US

June 5, 2010: A delegation of eight exiled Bhutanese has questioned the authenticity and usefulness of the Gross National Happiness in Bhutanese context. The team comprised of Parangkush Subedi, Damber Timsina, Pashupati Timsina, Gopal Subedi, Madhav Acharya, Toya Acharya, Tika Acharya and Harka Khadka who joined the first GNH debates in US this June explained […]

Published on Jun 05 2010 // Main News

IBFS writes to two union ministers

May 23, 2010: Indo-Bhutan Friendship Society (IBFS) wrote to Indian’s two union ministers drawing their attention on the police officials involved in hindering the rights of the Bhutanese citizens. In a letter dispatched to the home minister P. Chidambaram and external affairs minister S. M. Krishna, IBFS chairman Prof Anand Kumar said India police officials […]

Published on May 25 2010 // Main News

Minister Rai, language and communal harmony

It was not an amazing but surely a set back to read in a recent interview with a Nepalese daily newspaper that Information and Communication Minister Nandalal Rai see the possibility of communal violence in the country if the government initiated to revive the Nepali language version of the state-controlled Kuensel daily. I noted it […]

Published on May 21 2010 // News Analysis

Building a house of diversity

Learning is a lifelong process but it is challenging for immigrants who come from an entirely different cultural background to learn the culture and language of the new country and to get integrated among native people. The complication in integration for Asians is very high in Europe where culture, tastes, social system and daily behavior […]

Published on May 21 2010 // Opinion