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Media privatization: A praiseworthy concept (Exclusive)

By Desvakta MishraIt is hard to believe that with the change in time even absolute rulers are interested towards press freedom. But this is a reality for the Bhutanese ruler. Bhutan Observer, a private weekly newspaper finally came into market amidst a function where government officials, well-wishers and some international community representatives attended it on […]

Published on Jun 14 2006 // Main News

Exiled Bhutanese irked with Nepalese PM

Kathmandu, June 08: Top Bhutanese human rights leader and chairperson of Bhutanese Movement Steering Committee Tek Nath Rizal said he was shocked by the Nepal government's inaction to raise the issue of Bhutanese exiled Bhutanese with India during the prime minister's visit. Talking to Bhutan News Service on Thursday Rizal said, "It is astonishing that […]

Published on Jun 14 2006 // Main News

Young exiled Bhutanese catch world cup fever

Khudunabari camp, June 10: The young Bhutanese refugees at Khudunabari camp in eastern Nepal have caught World Cup fever and are staging their own two-week soccer tournament while the real thing goes on in Germany. The hosts Germany were due to kick off the World Cup on Friday with a match against Costa Rica in […]

Published on Jun 10 2006 // Main News

Refugee agenda disappeared (Opinion)

By Hari Adhikari The resurrection of the voice of the Nepali people against an anti- people autocratic regime once again underscores the triumph of the human spirit. The peace loving Nepali citizens, the ever vigilant media, a committed band of political leaders under one banner of  Seven Party Alliance (SPA), and a host of vigilant […]

Published on Jun 10 2006 // Main News

UNHCR asks Nepal-Bhutan resume talks

Kathmandu, June 10: The United Nation High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has urged the Nepali and Bhutanese governments to make arrangements for the repatriation of Bhutanese refugees. The UNHCR headquarters has also emphasized on voluntary repatriation and third country resettlement. “We’re looking for lasting solutions for the millions of refugees through voluntary repatriation, local integration […]

Published on Jun 10 2006 // Main News

Address the refugee impasse

Honorable Prime Minister,Refugees languishing in eastern region of Nepal since 15 years with a hope of returning home are facing new problems day-by-day. On behalf of Nepali Civil Society, we would like to draw your attention in the following matters.  1. Establish a permanent commission for refugeesIt would be better if Nepal government could form […]

Published on Jun 09 2006 // Main News

Abraham and Dago met DPM Oli

Published on Jun 09 2006 // Main News

Bhutan’s outsiders in limbo

The harsh conditions endured by the Lhotshampa minority in Bhutan are a stain on the Himalayan kingdom's harmonious image. They may also become a threat to regional security. The broad leaves of banana trees obscure hundreds of rows of bamboo huts set out in compact grids that reach the fringes of the forest. The intersecting […]

Published on Jun 07 2006 // Opinion

Nepalese PM Urged to talk on refugee issue

KATHMANDU, June 7: Various Nepalese human rights defenders and members of the civil society movement on Tuesday urged the Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala to hold discussions with the Indian government to resolve the decade-and-half-old issue of exiled Bhutanese. Handing over a memorandum to Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala before his departure to India for […]

Published on Jun 07 2006 // Main News

Nepalese Parliamentarians suggest PM Koirala to raise exile issue With Inida

Kathmandu, June 5: At a time exiled Bhutanese are on with their indefinite sit-in protest in front of United Nation office in Kathmandu, the Nepalese parliamentarians at the Sunday session of reinstated House of Representatives (HoR) suggested that Nepal should talk on their issue with India. Taking time to convey wishes to Prime Minister Girija […]

Published on Jun 05 2006 // Main News