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Who will bell the cat ?

Refugee camps are silent yet suffering. Each year passing by, Bhutanese refugee camps are making themselves awfully shanty, dwindling, dwelling places. Much to one's surprise camp people continue to keep faith on establishing themselves as a dignified citizens of democratic Bhutan. Strolling around the narrowly placed bamboo huts, one can find a unique composition of […]

Published on Jun 21 2006 // Opinion

Bhutanese mark refugee day ‘Black Day’

Kathmandu, June 20: The participants at the sit-in protest in front of UN office in Lalitpur marked 16th World Refugee Day as 'Black Day'. They observed it by lighting candles and have urged international community to help expedite repatriation. Participants talking to Bhutan News Service said they don’t want to remain as refugees further. Meanwhile, […]

Published on Jun 20 2006 // Main News

UNHCR stresses third country settlement for Bhutanese

Kathmandu, June 20: United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) expressed dissatisfaction with the Nepal government for not giving enough attention to its repeated appeals to find an early solution the issue of exiled Bhutanese. The UNHCR Global Report 2005, published on June 20 – the World Refugee Day – states the possibility of resettlement […]

Published on Jun 20 2006 // Main News

Abraham asks to expedite process to end refugee problem

Kathmandu, June 16: Country representatives of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Nepal Abraham Abraham has urged the Nepal government to expedite the process to end the long standing refugees issue to which he said his office was ready to contribute any kind of support. Addressing the media persons in the Reporter’s […]

Published on Jun 16 2006 // Main News

Bhutan jails two Christians

Thimphu, June 16: Two brothers, Benjamin and John Dai, have been given prison sentences up to three-and-half-year last week for their involvement in popularizing Christianity in Bhutan. They were arrested on January 8, 2006, for having shown a video on Jesus in the home of non-Christians. News of the arrest was given by the World […]

Published on Jun 16 2006 // Main News

Conflict affects camp security: JAM

Kathmandu, June 15: A Joint Assessment Mission (JAM) by World Food Programme (WFP) and United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has said that the security situation in and around the refugee camps of eastern Nepal is affected by the conflict in Nepal. The JAM, that took place from May 29-June 9, 2006, said, “Lack […]

Published on Jun 15 2006 // Main News

EC provides €5 million for conflict victims and refugees

Kathmandu, June 15: The European Commission (EC) has allocated €5 million to assist conflict-affected vulnerable people in Nepal as well as Bhutanese living in Nepal. A press statement issued by the EC in Kathmandu said, “This new funding will help to provide access to clean water and sanitation, nutrition, food security, health care and protection […]

Published on Jun 15 2006 // Main News

Where is the key of Bhutan&#039s Sovereignty ?

Legend of nation's dependency on Indian influences has been center of all political changes and disputes in Bhutan – be it for establishment of theocracy or absolute monarchy or running for democratic movement and preserving cultural identity. British rulers in India had agreed to give status of separate kingdom to Bhutan when then Trongsa Penlop […]

Published on Jun 14 2006 // Opinion

Exile, Sikkim Journalists reached agreement

Gantok, June 12: Bhutan Press Union (BPU) and Press Club of Sikkim (PSC) have signed four-point understanding to work for welfare of exiled Bhutanese and their repatriation process on June 7, 2006. The understanding between BPU and PSC was made in an interaction program organized at the PSC office in Namnang, Gangtok the capital city of […]

Published on Jun 14 2006 // Main News

Bhutanese committed to continue sit-in despite illness

Katmandu, June 12: There are few sick people yet wishing to continue indefinite sit-in protest in front of UN office in Lalitpur and have expressed their readiness for further struggle to expedite repatriation process despite illness they are caught with.     Presently, half of the participants are caught with diseases, some being serious.  Tilchand Timshina, 57, […]

Published on Jun 14 2006 // Main News