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Resettlement for all in five years : UNHCR

The resettlement program for Bhutanese is probably one of the most successful resettlement programs in the world. In 2009, Nepal became the largest resettlement country program in the world before Thailand. Earlier, it used to be Thailand, but now it is Nepal. The fact that we are the largest resettlement shows that it is a successful program. The second thing which makes me conclude this is that the recognition rate is something like 99%,

Published on Aug 13 2010 // Interview, Opinion

Open letter to Stephane Jaquemet

Of late, instances of allegation on AMDA for its negligence have been pouring in. In a month’s time, the relatives of two youths—Ganga Tiwari, 17, from Khudunabari and Rupa Subba, 28, from Beldangi-I camp, have publicly alleged the AMDA-Nepal for its negligence during the treatment of those young lives. There are many rooms to believe AMDA’s laxity, for instance, your tenure at the UNHCR office in Kathmandu began not that long time and there already existed dozens of such negligence-related death cases in the past years. Often the referral cases of seriously ill patients are delayed and denied.

Published on Aug 11 2010 // Opinion

Dorji confers with Nepali PM

President of Druk National Congress (DNC), Rongthong Kunley Dorji, Tuesday conferred with the Nepalese Prime Minister, Madhav Kumar Nepal and asked for support in Bhutan’s democratic struggle. Dorji, who reached Nepal after the rejection of his extradition case to Bhutan by Delhi High Court in April this year, updated PM Nepal about ongoing political changes […]

Published on Aug 10 2010 // Main News

From Jhapa to Bolton

 37 exiled Bhutanese destined for the United Kingdom depart from Kathmandu on Monday. Visiting the International Organization for Migration (IOM) Transit Centre today the British Chargé D’Affaires, Sophia Willitts-King said, “The UK has a long history of welcoming people from other countries – we know that the diversity it brings makes our country stronger.” “It’s […]

Published on Aug 09 2010 // Main News

Yet another FM station comes into operation

In an attempt to allow media flourish in the country, a private FM radio was officially launched on Aug 6.

The Economic Affairs Minister, Khandu Wangchuk, inaugurated Radio High 92.7 MHz

Published on Aug 07 2010 // Media Monitor

Reminding history to Bhutanese champion

The Prime Minister (PM) of Bhutan, Jigmi Y Thinley, labeled all the Bhutanese refugees as illegal immigrants during an exclusive interview with 101 East at Aljazeera on July 8, could be either he was then having no knowledge about the history of all immigrated people of Bhutan or intentionally lied to Aljazeera. Thinley explained that people in the camps in Nepal are the victims

Published on Aug 06 2010 // Commentary

Buddha Air all set to connect Paro

Buddha Air, a leading domestic airline better known for mountain flights in Nepal, has done all preparations to make its foray commencing direct flight from Kathmandu to Paro in Bhutan from August 23.

According to a statement issued by the airline

Published on Aug 06 2010 // Main News

Many indigent refugees to lose federal assistance

The Social Security Administration is about to terminate cash assistance for thousands of indigent refugees who are severely disabled or over the age of 64. “You will lose your Supplemental Security Income on Oct. 1,” the agency says in letters being mailed to more than 3,800 refugees. All fled persecution or torture. Many are too […]

Published on Aug 04 2010 // Commentary

Agitating Bhutanese agree to withdraw protest programs

Following the assurances of registration and other facilities as enjoyed by other fellow-countrymen from the Chief District Officer of Jhapa, Yadav Prasad Koirala, the struggling committee conducting a relay hunger strike in all seven camps decided to withdraw their programs from Saturday. “We are told that the government of Nepal will soon initiate the verification […]

Published on Jul 30 2010 // Main News

Long journey from Burma to United States

Enough property, land and prestigious life of Kadel family in Burma (Myanmar) were always a source of jealous for his neighbors. Kewal R. Kadel’s mother was a self-learned spiritual jumping doctor (a woman who treats patient by praying and playing with the ghosts; believed in the conventional Nepali society). They earned a big cash and […]

Published on Jul 27 2010 // Opinion