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Bhutanese Refugees Past and Present: A look at where they are today

If you do a quick Google search about Bhutan, you may quickly discover that it has been rated as one of the world’s happiest countries. In 2006 they were chosen as the happiest Asian country and the 8th happiest country worldwide. Business Week notes, “The small Asian nation of Bhutan ranks eighth in the world, […]

Published on Jan 01 2012 // Commentary

Remittance to Bhutan

Bhutan needs more remittance, probably more than anything in the past. Remittance helps to back up and sustain the general spending in daily life. Bhutan is not a country which sends a lot of people to international labor market, therefore no question of getting larger revenue as remittance. With low capacity of absorbing a large […]

Published on Dec 24 2011 // Opinion

Gross National Happiness: A holistic paradigm for sustainable development

Hon. Vice President of India; Hon. Prime Minister of India; Hon. Speaker of the Lok Sabha; Hon’ble Ministers; Hon. Members of the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha; Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen; It is with immense humility that I have accepted the kind invitation of the Honourable Speaker of the Parliament of this great nation […]

Published on Dec 23 2011 // Commentary

6 TV applications with BICMA …

… plus four for newspapers, three Dzongkha/English and one Dzongkha Media Despite initial complaints that the minimum investment of Nu 30M was too high a condition to start a private television station in the country, six have registered with the Bhutan InfoComm and Media Authority, which called for applications more than three months ago. Registering […]

Published on Dec 23 2011 // Media Monitor

Does SAARC justify peoples' aspirations?

The South Asian nations came together in 1983 for the purpose of promoting peace, stability; amity and progress in the region keeping in mind the principles of sovereign equality, territorial integrity, national independence, non-use of force and non-interference in the internal affairs of other states and peaceful settlement of all disputes. The leaders were aware […]

Published on Dec 16 2011 // News Analysis

Open doors for repatriation

The Government of Bhutan mercilessly evicted its citizens and still the world has not effectively challenged its inhuman activities. It is an insult to United Nations as Bhutan has openly abused the ‘Human Rights’ as declared by UN on this day of 10th December. It is equally regrettable to realize that the Bhutanese citizens are compelled to struggle for the most basic human values even form the 21st computerized century[…]

Published on Dec 11 2011 // Opinion

Tick tock KABOOM

Youth crime is a growing problem in our kingdom. And according to the prime minister, “the answer lies in GNH.” I’m happy that the prime minister has acknowledged the problem: that youth crime is real and that it is growing. And I’m happy that he has an answer to that problem: GNH. A good segment […]

Published on Dec 01 2011 // Commentary

Issue of Granting Refugee Status

Nepal has been hosting thousands of Bhutanese nationals, who were forcefully evicted from the country in early 1990s, since two decades. However, it was only in 2006 that the Government of Nepal agreed to verify them and issue refugee identity cards. The joint verification team comprising representatives from the government and the United Nations High […]

Published on Nov 27 2011 // News Analysis

Reviewing Eviction Options – Historical Human Disaster

Dorona is the most remote and backward ‘Gewog’ (block) of all the inhabited area of Dagapela that can be logically argued through the availability of goods and services both in terms of forward and backward linkages. It had a dispensary in a two roomed single floor house at Nimtoladara with the staffing of a compounder […]

Published on Nov 23 2011 // Untold Story

BBS TV II on the way, six more may come

While interested private individuals and companies vying to launch the country’s first private television channel are getting their papers ready, Bhutan Broadcasting Service is preparing to launch its second TV channel beginning next year Even before the country’s national television station, Bhutan Broadcasting Service (BBS) goes 24/7, it will launch a second channel soon. The […]

Published on Nov 19 2011 // Media Monitor