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Kathmandu politics in retrospection

It might perhaps appear too early to say as to if the exiled movement led by RK Dorji will yield fruitful results but if his recent activities are selfless-driven, it might drive our long struggle to a good height. Dorji, President of Druk National Congress (DNC), who was in Nepal after his extradition case was […]

Published on Aug 30 2010 // Opinion

Electric train in Himalayan kingdom

At a time, the government has already failed to its commitments to begin the domestic air services by this October, yet another assumptive project has been designed. Even a day before the second tender deadline ends, the government has not received any proposal for domestic air services except few inquiries from the individual. After Indian […]

Published on Aug 29 2010 // Main News

Bhutanese regime and its art of lying

Bhutan often engages itself in telling the Bhutanese refugee stalemate is a humanitarian issue but never dared say who or what caused this issue. So far, Bhutan is very lucky as it is backed by a giant neighbour and its propaganda is sellable in the market. Why Bhutan does not dare sitting across the table […]

Published on Aug 29 2010 // Opinion

Replace Dzongkha by English

Recent political change in Bhutan has given opportunity for public debates on several issues pertaining to Bhutanese nationality, including its official language Dzongkha, which otherwise would have been impossible. Talking relevance of any Bhutanese symbols under absolute monarchy was certain to land people into jails. Discussing their usage today is the healthy democratic culture that […]

Published on Aug 29 2010 // News Analysis

TCR –A mixed bag of opportunities and miseries

After eighteen years of life in camps as a result of the failed bilateral talks between Nepal and Bhutan for repatriation, the process of Third Country Resettlement (TCR) got initiated for over 100,000 Bhutanese refugees. UNHCR deserves a big applause for its genuine effort for supporting so many refugees in Nepal and many more throughout […]

Published on Aug 29 2010 // Commentary

Bhutanese regime and its art of lying

BY Dr. Bhampa Rai: labeling citizens, whose entry into Bhutan dates back to not before the 17thcentury, as “illegal immigrants” of Bhutan is neither logical nor justifiable. The rulers, who also follow Buddhism, as commoners do, have been discriminating and suppressing other religions. A monk named Gomchen Karma from Tashigang, a follower of another sect of Buddhism Nyningmapa, was shot dead on October 27, 1997 by the district officer Lakpa Dorji and expelled many senior Buddhist monks of eastern Bhutan simply for attending a peaceful procession demanding equal rights to religions. After this incident, to appease this community and to avoid two front enmities, the regime promptly promoted Sharchop officers to the ranks of ministers. But all the ministers from other ethnic community are still under compulsion to dance to the tunes of the regime.

Published on Aug 28 2010 // Opinion

Bhutanese regime and its art of lying

It is an undeniable fact that most of the nations know that Bhutan is a country of immigrants, who entered into Bhutan through different time periods. However, the country itself is yet to admit this fact. Therefore, labeling citizens, whose entry into Bhutan dates back to not before the 17thcentury, as “illegal immigrants” of Bhutan […]

Published on Aug 28 2010 // Opinion

Dorji asked to lead democratic struggle

President of Druk National Congress (DNC), RK Dorji, who is in Nepal after his extradition case was rejected by Delhi High Court, has been asked to lead the democratic struggle of exiled Bhutanese by Bhutan People’s Party (BPP), Bhutan National Democratic Party (BNDP) and Bhutanese Movement Steering Committee (BMSC).  Top brass of these parties and […]

Published on Aug 26 2010 // Main News

Oldest Bhutanese in Australia passes away, journo Poudel in grief

Adelaide, August 14: The oldest member of Bhutanese community in Australia,Dhana Pati Poudel, died at the age of 98 at Lyell McEwin  Hospital at Elizabeth , Adelaide on Saturday the  14th at 2 pm. He had arrived Adelaide as part of the third country resettlement along with his grandson Ichha Poudel more than a year […]

Published on Aug 14 2010 // Main News, Publications, Reports

Open letter to Stephane Jaquemet

I hope you are keeping well. Congratulations to your esteemed agency for becoming successful to resettle 30,000+ Bhutanese refugees in various western countries in a short span of time. Indeed, this is one of the greatest achievements, for which the UNHCR should be doubtlessly eulogized. A majority of resettled Bhutanese have started to live up with a new hope, new dreams, and a new life—the progress for which is yet to be seen. It was very pleasurable to go through your interview in the official website of Bhutan News Service

Published on Aug 13 2010 // News Analysis