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King leads the notorious action

King Jigme Singye Wangchuk toured the northern districts in 1990s holding public meetings and inculcating in the people the racial hatred. He misinformed the public that the southern Bhutanese of Nepali speaking wanted to disintegrate the country and take power in their hands and make Bhutan like Sikkim as if Bhutan is commodity that southern […]

Published on Sep 07 2010 // Opinion

The Unsettling Resettlement of Bhutan’s Refugees

As resettlement of refugees from Bhutan gains momentum and the UK becomes the eighth country to take them in, leaders in exile wonder if repatriation is now a lost cause, Deepak Adhikari writes for ISN Security Watch. Swanky and snow-white buses emblazoned with blue IOM (International Organization for Migration) ferry a group of people who […]

Published on Sep 07 2010 // Commentary

Aggregating Identity in Bhutan

Recent political changes in Bhutan have given rise to public debates on several issues pertaining to Bhutanese national identity, including the status of its official language, Dzongkha, which otherwise would have been impossible. Questioning the relevance of any Bhutanese symbols under the absolute monarchy was certain to land you in jail. Discussing their usage today […]

Published on Sep 07 2010 // Opinion

Bhutanese are safe of New Zealand earthquake

September 05, 2010: Bhutanese in New Zealand have not been affected by the devastating 7.1 magnitude earthquake tremor that ruined the Christchurch city of the country on Saturday morning. According to information given by our reporter Doma Kafle, Bhutanese live about 30 km away from the earthquake epicenter. She said, Chimney of a family was […]

Published on Sep 05 2010 // Main News

Kuensel website suspended

September 03: The Kuensel website has been suspended since last week. While the initial-days message read, the account has been suspended, now it is displayed that the site is undergoing regular system maintenance. The management has not furnished justifiable reasons for the suspension of the site for this long. Since the site went off without […]

Published on Sep 03 2010 // Media Monitor

NOC For Rain

My NOC was ready some time ago however they had delayed it with a question. I would stand at the end of the queue for the NOC, when my turn came and the officer asked me to wait. I was again made to join the end of the queue. Every time my turn came, I was asked to wait for some more time. Finally, I took the corner for my place and frequently requested for my NOC. Time changed, days changed and people changed, their ways of interrogation changed but neither did they change their one question, nor did I change my answer.

Published on Sep 02 2010 // Untold Story

UML Khanal says to support democratic struggle

Chairman of CPN-UML, Jhala Nath Khanal, on Wednesday opined that exiled Bhutanese should try to fight for their repatriation and democracy through peaceful means. He also said that Nepali people would always be ready to support such activities. “UML has always been supporting democratic struggle in Bhutan and would remain so in the upcoming days,” […]

Published on Sep 01 2010 // Main News

Fears of 'demographic inundation' behind Bhutan's refugee crisis

THIMPHU, Bhutan — From their isolated perch in the heights of the Himalayas, the leaders of Bhutan looked upon their borderlands in the 1980s and saw a problem. Their authority and traditional way of life, preserved by centuries of reclusion from a changing world, were threatened, they felt, by people they had allowed to migrate […]

Published on Aug 31 2010 // Opinion

First private Dzongkha weekly launched

A brand new newspaper with a reader-friendly language 30 August, 2010 – At a time when the quality of Dzongkha is being questioned and discussed in every possible medium comes an opportune attempt to apprise Bhutanese of their national language. Beginners can take a plunge into the language, starting with the alphabets illustrated in elementary […]

Published on Aug 31 2010 // Media Monitor

Kathmandu Politics in Retrospection

BY RN POKHREL: It might perhaps appear too early to say as to if the exiled movement led by RK Dorji will yield fruitful results but if his recent activities are selfless-driven, it might drive our long struggle to a good height. The coalition should have two fold working strategy one based on human rights and the other for political affairs. The first move of the coalition should be to address the problem of the people in the camp as the primary deal and future strategy should be on political achievements.

Now the matter is strategy and approach and then unity with vision and mission. United Bhutanese voice from across the globe for peace and justice in Bhutan has no alternative, thus, the leaders should coin a special roadmap to lead the movement to a successful height.

Published on Aug 30 2010 // Opinion