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DNC congratulates Nepali PM

The Druk National Congresshas congratulated the newly elected Prime Minister of Nepal, Jhala Nath Khanal, Friday. Issuing a press statement, DNC president Rongthong Kunley Dorji said, “On behalf of the Druk National Congress, I extend my hearty felicitation and best wishes to Your Excellency on being elected as Prime Minister of Nepal,” The party also […]

Published on Feb 04 2011 // Main News

Months of Incarceration in Retrospection

On my way to Gelephu, I was arrested at Sarbhang at 9 pm on 9th December 1990 by Police Officer, Chandra Gurung. When I explained my family situation and asked the reason of my arrest, the officer blabbered and gave no reason. I was taken to the Sarbhang Police Station and confined in a room for two nights and a day – not allowing me to drink water for the whole period. They interrogated me – but I had nothing to say. In reply, the officers would suggest that I knew why I had ended up in detention and that I should confess in specific detail, why I wanted ‘democracy’. As ordered by Chandra Gurung, I gave a written statement about myself to him.

Published on Jan 30 2011 // Untold Story

Editing Rizal's Jail Journal

BY DEEPAK ADHIKARI : It was drizzling and the night was pitch-dark. We walked in silence. As they marched, the constables’ boots pounded on the road, its sound penetrating deep into our ears. At times, the stones tossed off by the boots hit on my ankles causing severe pain. Worse, the guards with their heavy boots, recklessly pounded on my feet. Failing to keep pace with the marching soldiers would fetch me extra penalty. So, I struggled to move my shackled legs as quickly as I could. The constantly blowing wind further exasperated the precariousness of our journey.Drenched to the skin and chilled to the bone, I stumbled along the slippery road. The sole voices echoing in my ears were waves of the river Wangdichhu generating its own rhythmic noise

Published on Jan 16 2011 // Opinion

Editing Rizal’s Jail Journal

In a talk program a year ago, I met Tek Nath Rizal, the Bhutanese human rights leader. The program titled “India’s Role in Refugee Problem” was marked by slim turn out and the late-arriving speakers. Nonetheless, a Maoist leader gave a fiery talk in which he instigated the Bhutanese refugees to take up arms against […]

Published on Jan 16 2011 // Opinion

Legendary Marriage of Mahasur Chhetri's Son

Over 100 guns were fired to mark the event wasting some 60 kg of gun-powder offered to Mahasur as a gift by one of the Mandals called Baliman.

The only thing Chhetri missed during his marriage was the Prime Minister. “I was grown-up in his palace. He used to be as friendly as anybody else with me but I really didn’t know why he remained absent in the function,” he narrates.

According to him, relatives and friends from as far as Nepal and remote parts of India also were present in his marriage. There were Babu Sahebs, Caprasis, Muktiyars, Mandals and general people, among others

Published on Jan 10 2011 // Untold Story

Real America: From security to change

I never thought that I would be here in America. Obviously it was my dream from childhood after I knew that 1 dollar equals 70 rupees but I never knew that my dream would come true. Fortunately it became true and now I am here. I remember the days when I used to fill auto […]

Published on Jan 06 2011 // Opinion

BNS activities: looking back and forth

Following the offer of third country resettlement program, even BNS team members had to agree to a dispersed living across the world, within the parameters set by resettling countries. It is perhaps, what we like to call, a ‘choice from a choice-less choice’. As you all do, we are also struggling for both personal and family’s existence in the new setting. Nonetheless, we are truly committed towards devoting our time to safeguarding your right to information through the steady existence of BNS. Of late, we started to fear that we might have to lose emerging writers due to our inability to remunerate their efforts.

Published on Jan 03 2011 // Opinion

BNS activities: looking back and forth

Founded in 2006, Bhutan News Service (BNS) is Bhutan’s only independent and first news agency, though run from exile. Run by volunteer exiled Bhutanese journalists—that comprise mostly like-minded youths, the news agency is strictly guided by the standard set norms and ethics of professional journalism. Public’s right to information in context of Bhutan has been […]

Published on Jan 03 2011 // Opinion

UDHR Day and Southern Bhutan Problem

On the occasion of celebration of the 62nd Universal Human Rights Day 10th December 2010, the world leaders, Human rights activists and UN secretary general and UN Human Rights commissioner sent messages calling the world for peace, tolerance and respect of human rights and rights of human person. Show human compassion and kindness. No one […]

Published on Dec 29 2010 // News Analysis

King’s Democracy endangers Bhutan’s sovereignty

When the 4th monarch, King Jigme Singe Wangchuk proclaimed abdication from his golden throne in favour of the crown prince Jigme Khesar Namgyal Wangchuk on December 17, 2006 at Trashi Yangtse, a far flung district headquarters in the east Bhutan, world was astonished to see that an absolute monarch was changing the skin colour to […]

Published on Dec 26 2010 // Commentary