Remembering KB Khadka

Published on Sep 09 2009 // Opinion
By Vidhyapati Mishra

I was working late hours in the office yesterday. There were some important discussions going on between me and my department boss when I received several calls from Jhapa and Morang, most of the numbers starting from 98049 or 98079.

I negated all those calls thinking they were just the regular stuffs as usual. Usually, I avoid calls from those mobile users whose numbers are not stored in my cell. I cut-short the discussion since I thought there was some important event in camps and wanted to come down to my office. However, the conversation with my boss took another 15 minutes. During that time, I received several calls from Indra Timsina, the coordinator of Children Forum. I avoided those as well.

Then my dearest father started dialling me repeatedly. Then, I quickly came down and started dialling my father. Again, Timsina called me, which I received. He just told, “KB Khada is attacked in Beldangi-II, just get details from Armed Police Force.” Then, I called my father.

Late Khadka with his wife, Bishnu Kumari
Late Khadka with his wife, Bishnu Kumari

Luckily, he was on the spot where Khadka was lying dead. I got the details and uploaded the breaking news through apfanews.com. Vikram Adhikari and Ichha Poudel Australia, who were in my Skype conference, also knew the brutal murder. Then we started searching for Khadka’s photo. I suggested Vikram to call Tej Man Rayaka in Germany. I also talked to him through conferencing. He told us that he would send the photo as soon as possible.

Then I left for my room. It was raining cats and dogs, and I got all wet. When I reached my room, I called TB Gurung and Arjun Pradhan for probable updates. Since there was power cut, I communicated the updates to IP Adhikari, who loaded up in the site at 10 p.m.

I still remember Khadka who was very active during emergencies in camps, be it a fire break-out or medical emergency. Several were given a bike lift to and from camps. He spoke for the well fare of dozens of exiled Bhutanese who approached him for his support. He also paid for others in several instances; several can agree on this. (Click this to view power point file)

The last moment I worked together with him was during fire break-out in Beldangi-I camp two years back. I was with him the whole night recuing fire victims, shifting their belongings and protecting their life. The fire which broke out during Tihar started around 7:00 p.m.

I rushed to Beldangi-I from Beldangi-II while he came from Beldangi-II Extension. It took almost four hours to bring fire under complete control. Then it started raining. During rain, I and Khadka visited every gutted house, collected all the statistics and prepared a preliminary report. We did not sleep whole night.

The next morning, we went to Green Vale Academy where a large number of fire victims were kept for shelter. Several children were crying since they were hungry. We quickly decided for a relief package. He contributed 500 Indian Currency note, I donated Rs 500 personally and Rs 1200 on behalf of Bhutan News Service. We could collect around Rs 3,000 in no time.

Then, we went to Bangay bazaar in Beldangi-II to purchase eateries for kids and elderly fire victims. I could hardly hold the huge package of loaded materials in Khadka’s bike until we reached the fire victims. We found some volunteers to distribute the relief package when we started working for general appeal for relief assistance and formation of an emergency relief committee for effective mobilization of donated materials.

After that I talked to him twice for radio programs, and once to take a comment for the news. It is undeniable facts that like me; many Bhutanese have lost a committed senior for common cause. Just before writing this piece, I played one of his conversations with Saranarthi Sarokar. I found him bold, well informed and vocal in his voice. Long live his commitment for betterment of Bhutanese community!

(Listen to his interview with Sarokar below)