Question of one national organization

Published on Jul 02 2010 // Opinion
By Dick Chhetri

It is not about you and me
It is not about you and me. It is about the Bhutanese in America. It is perhaps unfortunate that within a gap of few weeks, we Bhutanese are bound to observe two conventions—both of them claimed to be of “national” level. We recently observed the first convention of the Organization of Bhutanese in America (OBCA). The 3-day third convention of the firstly formed Association of Bhutanese in America (ABA) begins from today. Many from within the community are eagerly waiting for ABA to lay out the plans to eliminate this mistrust and avoid the path of division.

The creation of two different national level organizations will be a blow to the morale of Bhutanese in America and it sends out a ripple effect to the Bhutanese in exile. It will not only divide the people but lose support because most of the people will remain in between reluctant to contribute on either side. How does this impact the future of Bhutanese in America? At this crucial hour, many are interested to know about the practical steps taken by the ABA to open the doors of possibilities to make one national organization in America. The ongoing convention should adequately pave ways towards the formation of a “united” community at the national level.

When viewed from practical perspective, there arise some questions: Is this convention going to be peoples’ convention with voting rights given to all to determine the future of Bhutanese unity in America or is it just another convention of a group in contention with others, setting the paths toward divisions? What are the proposals to include all those new friends who feel disenfranchised in many ways by the ABA? Is ABA, as a first-born organization, going to opt for specific measures and live up to the expectations of the people? I trust that there is still time to live up to the promise and deliver it.

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