Filming in Bhutan

Published on Nov 10 2010 // Opinion
By Gordon Buchanan

When I mention Bhutan it solicits one of two responses. There is the “Oh, wow!” and then there is the “Oh, where?” The mention of filming tigers, however, solicits a combination of the two – “Oh wow, where?” Searching for tigers in a remote Himalayan kingdom is as awesome as it sounds.

By trade I am a wildlife cameraman, and often, when I’m not behind the camera, I jig about and say stuff in front of it.

Presenter is an uncomfortable word for me to call myself, but I suppose that is what I have become. My role was simply to capture images of tigers by any means possible.

I love my job, and almost everything that comes with it, but the opportunity to visit a place that is on many people’s top 10 list, to look for arguably the world’s most charismatic animal has been a career highlight.

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