BNS activities: looking back and forth

Published on Jan 03 2011 // Opinion
By Buddha Mani Dhakal

Founded in 2006, Bhutan News Service (BNS) is Bhutan’s only independent and first news agency, though run from exile. Run by volunteer exiled Bhutanese journalists—that comprise mostly like-minded youths, the news agency is strictly guided by the standard set norms and ethics of professional journalism. Public’s right to information in context of Bhutan has been long encroached by the government. Although the country has lately been declared a democratic one, the real situation has still been camouflaged by the government. We are a group of exiled journalists dedicated to safeguard Bhutanese citizen’s right to information. In a way, our another mission is to raise strong voice for complete media freedom in Bhutan.

News coverage
Doubtlessly, in the year 2010, BNS has the credit to have featured hundreds of news reports, dozens of interviews (some of which could have been rarely possible from any other media), a number of feature and analysis pieces. Though all of the materials we produced were more or less of equal importance, it will obviously be tedious if we scrutinize one-to-one here. However, it might be very timely and significant to accentuate some of the representative issues by bringing them here as reminiscence to wrap-up the year reporting.

In the prime mission of informing our valued readers through the current happenings as it happens with the continued support from our volunteer correspondents stationed at different corners of the world, we successfully disseminated news in a fast-track procedure—be it during power-cut situations in the capital city of Nepal, from our team member’s cell phone-internet or during the break time from our work place in Diaspora. In a way of journalism, we tried making the portal updated 24/7 for there existed the need to create informed atmosphere for Bhutanese citizens, both inside and outside the country.

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