ABA convention Vs Unity Concerns

Published on Jun 08 2010 // Opinion
By Pashupati Timsina

Upon the request of TP Mishra, editor of BNS, I headed to the convention venue of Association of Bhutanese in America (ABA) on July 3 to report the event live. As their first day convention didn’t hold much significance, we decided to report the program live from the next day. We had actually thought of updating the news from the convention venue, but this was not possible due to the lack of internet access.

This was the second time in the media history that the BNS tried a different way of disseminating fresh news—‘live blogging’. As discussed with the editor, I just reported the updates over phone while he took up the responsibility to upload them in the news portal i.e. www.bhutannewsservice.com. I could report the event live well, as per Editorial Board of BNS, it perhaps was exactly in a professional way; thanks to the team for guiding me more in an ethical and professional ways during the time of reporting.

When I reached the convention hall on the second day at 9:00 AM, I found some Board of Directors of ABA moving hence and forth, perhaps in an attempt to welcome any participants/guests. After having done registration, I entered the hall for the inspection of the setting, which was seen well decorated. Very few people were seen inside when I had stepped in. Interestingly, some of the Board Directors were blaming then ongoing World Cup Football between Argentina Vs. Germany for the delay of participants. Eventually the number of attendees increased to over half of the capacity of the hall by 10:25 AM numbering around 100.

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