Yet another magazine for Bhutanese

Published on Oct 02 2009 // Media Monitor

October 2: The new media industry of the country gets yet another media outlet, when Bhutan got the first women magazine on Wednesday, in less than a week the country received first specialized magazine on business and economy.

yewongThe country’s first magazine exclusively on feminine content “Yeewong” adds glamour and color to Bhutanese society, which is opening up at nail’s pace.

The first issue of 126 glossy paper comes with crown of first Miss Bhutan and the publishers said the issue is dedicated to July 2008 Miss Bhutan beauty pageant.

The bi-annual colorful magazine is priced at Nu 100 and gives the visualization of fashion magazine. Its target readers are girls and women between 12 to 50 years.

Edited by 22-years young Pema Choden Tenzin, the magazine aims to present itself as a platform for Bhutanese women, to celebrate womanhood and every aspect that makes women unique.

Yeewong in national language means something appealing to the heart.

The magazine will hit the market on every July and December and is published by MPC Bhutan Entertainment headed by Karma Tshering.

The magazine’s editorial team comprises young graduates, who have not worked for a magazine before.