The next big thing (is a long time coming)

Published on Aug 06 2011 // Media Monitor

At a time, when new newspapers are rolling off the presses one after another, applicants for private television stations are wondering why it’s taking so long to get their licenses. 

The five applicants have been waiting to hear from the Bhutan InfoComm and Media Authority (BICMA) for about a year now. They had applied to open a news, entertainment, news and program channels.

One of them, Rabsel Media, applied eight months ago; while the proprietor of Radio High applied some 10 months ago. Nidup Dorjikss, actor and talent hunt Bhutan Star’s organiser, and his partner applied almost a year ago.

An absence of a clear policy and guidelines for a private TV station to be licensed was what was keeping the applications pending, the applicants were told by BICMA.

Rabsel Media’s Sangay Tenzin Dakpa said their consultant had already come in twice, and technical and financial reports were submitted. A detailed presentation on their proposal to open a 24/7 news channel has also been given to the authority.

That it’s high time another TV station came up in the market, like newspapers and radio stations, is one of the reasons the applicants cited for them applying for a TV license.

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