Testing video conference

Published on Sep 19 2010 // Media Monitor

September 19, 2010: Bhutan government has tested the first inter-ministerial video conferencing on Thursday in an attempt to build more technology friendly environment in government offices.

The reason for his absence was his busy schedule to explain the journalists about the event and results.

This was the trial for running the process smoothly from this October after which the ministers will interact with each other or together from their own offices.

Now, ministers will be able to sit in the office and attend any meeting across the ministries and also attend cabinet meetings from here. All video conversations can be recorded for future reference.

According to government plan, soon chief district officers (CDO) and other offices in the country would avail the facility.

The government aspect to cut the travel and daily allowance for civil servants and cut down on many of the tours within and outside Bhutan and also reduce the risk of travelling during the monsoon season by introducing video conferencing.

Currently, 20 users will be able to do video conference together at any given time. The capacity will be enhanced in future.