Private newspapers object circulation audit

Published on Sep 19 2010 // Media Monitor

September 19, 2010: The private newspapers have objected the government decision to conduct a circulation audit as per the draft of advertisement policy prepared by the government.

They say it is not a consensual decision.

The government has dispatched letters to all private newspapers stating the intention to conduct such audit. The letter mentioned that the newspapers had agreed for such audit during the first consultative meeting held in April this year.

In response the private newspapers have asked the information ministry why it decided to go ahead with the circulation audit although there never was consent from the newspapers.

The government is trying to find out the circulation strength or reach of the newspapers to determine how much advertisement needs to be given to which paper.

The letter from the private newspapers stated the ministry had disregarded the five private newspapers’ request to the government asking for a deferment period of two years in implementing the ad policy.

“We would like to clarify that we have never agreed to the modules of the circulation audit proposed during the consultative meeting in April,” states the letter.