PM turns friendly to media, finally

Published on Apr 11 2009 // Media Monitor

Thimphu, April 11, 2009: In his first ‘meet the press’ while celebrating 100 days in power, Prime Minister Jigmi Thinley was fierce against media saying they only criticized the government. 

Ptime Minister Thinley

Prime Minister Thinley

One year in power, at least the controlled democracy should have taught this leader how to behave with media. While talking to the same media person on first birthday of elected government, Thinley was better solemn and friendly to media. 

He was no as fierce as earlier when journalists questioned him on several issues. He asserted commitment for transparency and accountability in governance and underlined the role of media in doing so. 

He said the government respected the media and had in no way hindered them. “The government lets media do what they’re supposed to be doing. People need to know the truth, both good and bad,” he added.

PM Thinley also repeated his commitment to support budding media industry during his five year tenure in power and that the government will share with media as much information as possible.

He further said for democracy to grow, the media must grow, so that media stir the true feelings. More than 100 journalists attended the ‘meet the press’ function at the royal banquet hall in the capital.