International news in Dzongkha

Published on Nov 15 2011 // Media Monitor

Gyelchi Sarshok is the second Dzongkha newspaper
After the Bhutan InfoCom and Media Authority held it up for more than two months after its first issue hit the newsstands, the weekly Gyelchi Sarshok is back in the market from last Saturday.

BICMA issued an order restricting the paper from being published when its first issue was out on September 9, before the authority has issued its publishing license.

The proprietor of Gyelchi Sarshok, Gembo Dorji said the first issue was published to inaugurate the newspaper since it was an auspicious day. “I did not have any plan to continue the publication until the license was obtained,” he said. He got the license last week.

Gembo Dorji said Gyelchi Neytshul is a translation of international news with an aim to educate Dzongkha literate on the happenings across the globe. “International news are printed and broadcasted in English and the people kept watching photos and movies without knowing he issue,” he said “There are several papers who emphasise on national stories and my aim was to be different.”

It took him about five months to get his publishing license. The weekly 12 pages newspaper with four colour pages, which will come out every Saturday has a chief editor and four reporters. He printed 1,000 copies of the last edition.

“The paper will have stories which were related to the country and relevant to the people’s interest,” he said.”

By Nima Wangdi in Kuensel daily