Former journalist is new NC vice chief

Published on Nov 06 2009 // Media Monitor

November 06 2009: A former editor of the Bhutan Observer weekly, the second private newspaper of the country, Sonam Kinga has taken up the job as vice chairman of the upper house National Council.

The former journalist elected as lawmaker from Trashigang district in the east, Kinga was elected to take up the new job on Wednesday through votes. The NC members voted for yes or no for this lone candidate.

Chairman of the good governance parliamentary committee of the upper house, Sonam Kinga replaces Karma Ura, the executive director of the center for Bhutan Studies, as the NC vice chairman. King appointee Ura, failing to get elected as chairman of the council as expected, resigned from this post and subsequently as member of the National Council in July this year.

The 35-year old new NC vice chairman Sonam Kinga is popular for his oration but equally popular for his racist view. He is principally a royalist, who says change in Bhutan is king’s grace but not people’s wish. Despite being a Sarchop, Kinga supports royal strategy to suppress easterners.