First business newspaper celebrates anniversary

Published on Oct 23 2010 // Media Monitor

October 24, 2010: Country’s first business newspaper Business Bhutan has marked its first anniversary this week.

The weekly paper had entered market last year amidst speculation of survival when existing papers were suffering out of advertisement shortage and government subsidy.

Editor of the paper Tashi Dorji, in his special editorial on anniversary issue, mentioned that the paper has contributed to further the freedom of expression and made impacts some of which prompted major policy changes like forcing government to withdraw plan to hike electricity tariff.

Creation of Nu 100M fund within DHI for education city, proposed tax on junk food and a tax hike package of several commodities, misuse of tourism development fund, scrapping of tender for domestic air service in May are some of the good impact stories the paper carried. In depth coverage on lottery scam was the insightful story.

The paper lobbies that Bhutan should further scrutinize before joining World Trade Organization (WTO).

Dorji in his article said, “One of the biggest challenges for this paper is the niche we have chosen which the name, Business Bhutan, suggests. We have come to know that many people shy away from buying the paper because they are just not “interested” in “business.” We have been more than a typical business newspaper. The only kinds of news we don’t carry are petty crime stories. It is not because it is not important but we believe that this paper could do much more.”

Other noble task continued by the paper is School Bhutan which has encouraged young Bhutanese for journalism career or at least building in them the reading and writing culture. Thus, the paper became more popular among students and teachers.

Association of Press Freedom Activists (APFA) Bhutan congratulates the paper for completing one year of service to the people and wishes for better future.