Building parliament-media relations

Published on Mar 28 2009 // Media Monitor

Thimphu, March 28, 2009: The government once again has reiterated its commitment to improve the relation between the parliament and the budding media industry in the country. 

In a seminar on Parliament and Media in Thimphu, secretary of the ministry of information and communication Kinley Dorji, who until recently had been working as editor of government-owned Kuensel newspaper, said policies will be formulated to strengthen media in three areas:  quality, infrastructure and the independence of content.

He said the government will support media to enhance capacity of journalists, waiving tax for printing and publishing, and upholding the independence of editorial.

But he also urged the media personnel to maintain their social responsibility to inform and educate the people, and in shaping the Bhutanese social structure.

He stressed the need for prioritizing in expanding the circulation of Dzongkha edition of the newspapers and give subsidy to them, in a continued effort to promote Dzongkha.

The Dzongkha editions of the newspapers in the country rarely find any readership, advertisement subsequently failing to bear the production expenditure. National Council member Sonam Kinga, who was executive editor of Bhutan Observer before the election, also joined hands with Dorji calling the government to support Dzongkha editions. 

Organizer Bhutan Centre for Media and Democracy said the two-day seminar discussing parliament, court reporting and access to information, will help cultivate relation between the lawmakers and media industry.

“It is organized to develop a healthy working relationship between the parliament and the media,” Executive Director of the institute Siok Sian Pek Dorji said.