Bhutan Times terminates employees

Published on Mar 07 2009 // Media Monitor

Thimphu, March 6, 2009: Bhutan Times has cut of its 15 employees out of 80 in its bid to sustain with the squeezing markets and downsizing return from the market. 

121303_bhutan_timesFailing to get any return from its publication unit, which used to produce books on various issues, the management has also decided to suspend the unit. The publication, which brings out Bhutan Times bi-weekly newspaper in English and Dzongkha, said this was done reluctantly in order to reduce the overhead cost, thereby enabling the company to survive in the market. They said increasing media has posed threat to their survival. The country has only four newspapers including one daily. 

The management said employees were given a month’s notice about their termination. However, the decision to recruit two new employees has irked the terminated workers. 

The management further said those who could not perform well during their one-year evaluation were terminated from the job. 

“It is purely unethical of the company to carry out such thing. The company could have rather transferred us internally rather than asking us to leave and recruiting new ones in our place,” one terminated employee told local media.