Three injured in capital's road accident

Published on Mar 03 2010 // Human Rights Monitor

March 03, 2010: At least three people have been injured in a vehicle accident at the Debum Lam in Hongkong market, Thimphu on Tuesday.

A Chinese bus lost control and crashed unto motor vehicles parked by the roadside damaging over a dozen of cars at around 2:15 pm. The bus however suffered minor damage on the front side.

The people injured people – the driver of a Maruti car, an Alto taxi and the bus driver – were rushed to the hospital immediately after the incident.

The taxi driver sustained minor cuts and was discharged after a few hours of medical examination. The Maruti car driver did not suffer any external injuries but complained of giddiness and was kept under observation at the hospital. The 24-year-old bus driver was in critical condition.

The accident was believed to be due to over speed of the bus in the crowd.

The Thimphu traffic police said the accident could either due to reckless or inexperienced driving.