No surveyors, no land transfer

Published on Jan 16 2010 // Human Rights Monitor

January 16, 2009: Delays in transfer of thram in the Wangduephodrang, Dagana and Tsirang are hampering both government development activities at the local level and private land development.

Though the revised Land Act 2007 mandates to complete such transfer within 365 days, cases are pending for years leading to halt in development activities.

In Tsirang, where land transaction has increased, conducting survey is the main problem to transfer their thram. People willing to transfer the thram do not find responsible officer at their need.

At district level, Land Record Officials are responsible for such transfers. While government has not paid any attention to this issue, local authorities say acute shortage of manpower in land record section hamper works.

According to reports, in Tsirang, the three staff, one LRO, a LR assistant, and a surveyor, handle about 30 to 50 thram processing cases every day.

Dagana has only two officials at hand to deliver services.