Fatherless children remain unregistered

Published on Mar 05 2010 // Human Rights Monitor

March 5, 2010: The recent annual census registration carried out across the country has left many children without being registered.

The major problem behind the failure to remain these children without being registered is clueless father, most of them born out of night hunting. According to national law, it is mandatory to mention father in the citizenship.

The census officials have demanded their mothers to provide details of the biological father, which is obviously impossible.

In many cases, mothers have filed cases against some suspected fathers and in many instances the DNA tests failed to prove, leaving the mother and children in lurch.

There were more than 200 cases of fatherless children in Zhemgang in 2008, another 54 in 2009. Trashigang recorded 3 in that year. The Kurtoe area has the largest number of such children.