Fake assurance to Dagana residents

Published on Jan 31 2010 // Human Rights Monitor

January 31, 2010: People of Goshi geog under Dagana failed get government’s assurance to reopen their Goshi Junior High School by early 2010 tuned out to be a foul play of politics.

The school was turned into an army barrack after 1990 and remained closed for two decades and more.

Due to absence of the school in the area, Goshi residents have to either send their children to the Balaygang Primary School – a 5km walk or to Dogag Primary School, 8km from the village. Around 30 students walk five hours daily to attend classes for the past 20 years.

Parents and children start their days at around two in the morning so that the students can prepare themselves for the day. Parents escort children half the way to school.

Summers have been merciless for children sine they have to travel a long way on torrents, sometimes crossing over fearful rivers and gorges.

The nearest Dagapela Middle Secondary School forbids new admission saying it is already overcrowded though all the children of army personnel, civil servants and businessmen in the locality get admission.