Helping Beldangi I Fire Victims

The Bhutanese citizens, who were forced to leave their hometowns in late 80s and early 90s, were little hopeful of their survival when they got a bamboo hut as a sheltering house and other basic materials from donor agencies.

With passage of time, these citizens have witnessed several unforgettable events including repeated disasters such as floods and fire. The whole Bhutanese Diaspora including the camp residents got agonized when they were forced to witness uncontrolled fire in Pancha-oti English School (Belandgi-II camp) that destroyed almost everything, disastrous fire in Beldangi-I camp twice in consecutive years and complete burnt-down of Goldhap camp two years back.

Now, again residents in Beldangi-I camp saw another disaster of fire last week. At least 28 huts got totally brunt while some five dozens were dismantled, completely or partially.  Around 500 people including 18 disabled children have become victims of this fire.

The fire victims are being supported by donor agencies with basic materials for constructions and food items. But, they have lost their clothes, shoes, slippers, beds, documents and everything they had possessed.

So, at such a crucial need of the hour, it is our moral obligation to console these victims with some material and cash supports, so that they can start up their new life and rebuild their homes.

In the past, you have always stood with such victims and shared their sorrows. And this is another chance to console the poors on humanitarian grounds.

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