Fools’ Assembly soon

Published on Nov 09 2009 // Commentary
By Modhek Wokasi

The fourth mega extravaganza of fools’ show is in the calendar soon. The spectators scattered all over the nation and through out the world are expecting it with reluctance and a hope for fun. Reluctance, because, at times the clowns make certain regulations requiring the audience  to stand up, sit down or clap or appear silent while holding the turmoil of laughter inside.

The show continues

The show continues

The fools were selected from through out the country through an extravagant pooling by the people. A university diploma, a document to verify a fool not a fool was the only criteria needed for them to be eligible for the contest. The best of the clowns, selected through audience vote are called to the august fool’s assembly twice a year. For the two shows they are paid and fed through out the year. The first character in the fools that impressed their voters was their costumes: it must be colorful, heavy and very attractive to see. Their first elegant appearance on the show sent the voters satisfied to their choice that they voted in the best fool of their locality.  They were well costumed. If the wisdom were expressed by their clothes, they were the wisest people in the world. And if popularity were measured through costumes, they were the most looked after celebrities.

But the toughest part was that they had to entertain through talking. They would sit adjacent to each other and talk in turn facing to moderators in the front. It was not funny. So to make the show appealing, they were made to speak in an ape’s accent and sound, which lacked vocabulary. It was much fun to see the fools talking and expressing their commotions in their ancestor’s language.

When one fool speaks other fool does not understand. To make the things easier, the motions are distributed in their common language. They can prepare their monologues, ask for and speak in a turn. The moderator in the front gives the turn and the fools speak the monologues. They don’t understand each other by meaning but has to guess from accents. To the amusement thirsty audience it is like hearing the conversation between two deaf fighters. They showed a fine show in the beginning. But the problem was that the fools began to shirk from the assembly. It was difficult to bring them to the show. Then, they were promised a sitting fee. Besides their salary and allowances, they were promised an attractive sitting fee just for being present in the assembly. It worked in a fantastic way. The fools would arrive early in the morning even before the watchmen could open the door and bang to register their entry, and would not leave the hall till late night. Although the plan to bring the fools to the show was successful, it was too expensive for the show. Alternatives were needed. The cheaper way to make them accustomed to the hall was internet. The sitting fee was repealed and internet was joined. Another problem, instead of entertaining the audience through their speech, the fools was engaged in making personal blogs, on line chats and visiting pornographic The internet connection had to be removed.

Then they were focused on live telecast. The show would be broadcasted live in national television. It was effective, but the protest from the print media was tough. If the TV showed the show, the printed papers will have no readers. So the job of disseminating the words of fools was given to the print media. They write which fools said what and how. The fools are yet to get comfortable with the new vocabulary and yet to accustom learn the best way to entertain.

Then they were given a show where they can act practically. In this part of the plot, they were allotted as much money as they needed. They had to use the money on the people who voted them as the most fool of their area. They could use the money in the way they liked. To watch them use the money is entertaining. One of the fools went to get the idea from a monk in the monastery. The monk advised him to do a ceremony to chase ghosts from the villages. They are preparing now. Another fool decided to buy two big flat stones so that people could grind their grains there instead of using grinding machine which is less eco friendly. One fool decided to ferry the people across the rivers, so that people who never had an experience of crossing a river could experience it. Yet another pumps the cow to sell white water to those across the border. The list goes on and the entertainment industry’s newspapers run thick during the show. If God blesses for continuation of the show, the new entrants in media industries will have adequate recipe to serve its customers.

Three assemblies were successful to entertain the people and the fourth is set to begin from November 20. The place is Tashi’s dzong in the capital. No entry fee is charged. The door closes when the seats are full.