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Meet N. B. Giri

Meet the former senior army official of the country N. B. Giri to know how his life was as military personnel and compare it with his life as political activists in exile.

Published on Mar 24 2009 // Podcast

This is our history

Compiled by I. P. Adhikari Teju Prakash reads the history of Lhotshampas’ entry and settlement in Bhutan, which dates back to eighth century and relation between Nepalism and country’s name. Ichha Poudel has a feature recalling the days when mass eviction took place in 1990.

Published on Mar 23 2009 // Podcast

Impacts of resettlement, prospects of repatriation

Talks with Ashok Gurung of Refugee Rights Coordination Committee (RRCC) on impacts of resettlement, prospects of repatriation and future of Bhutan’s political and human rights movement. Pabitra Pokhrel pens a painstaking story revealing the life in remote Bhutan village.

Published on Mar 23 2009 // Podcast

Unity Among Bhutanese Leaders

IP Adhikari has an exclusive report on NOC. Then, you will listen to conversation between TP Mishra and Govinda Thapa, a social worker cum student leader from Damak.

Published on Feb 08 2009 // Podcast

Conversation with Ratan Gazmere before he moves to Australia

Ichha Poudel from Beldangi-II camp reads out a report on the US Senator followed by bird flu report by Arjun Pradhan from Beldangi-I. In the second half, Ratan Gazmere talks to Sarokar before his departure to Australia under TCR Program.

Published on Feb 01 2009 // Podcast

Situation of Shantiram Acharya

Ichha Poudel talks to Devi Acharya, brother of Shantiram in Beldangi camp. IP Adhikari from APFA-Bhutan reports what APFA-Bhutan has been doing regarding the exiled journo, sentenced for 7 years jail term.

Published on Jan 25 2009 // Podcast

Effect of TCR Program on Education

TP Mishra talks to teachers in Tri-Ratna Secondary School about various aspects related to education in camps, including effects seen on quality of education with the start of TCR program.

Published on Jan 20 2009 // Podcast

Economic Crisis hits resettled folks

Ichha reports from Beldangi about CMC election in camps, Ram Bhandari talks about the election. Badri Gautam reads report of Vidhyapati Mishra on economic crisis vs resettlement. Also Khagendra Baral talks about new experience in Arizon

Published on Jan 13 2009 // Podcast

Conversation with Bhampa Rai

Ichha Poudel has a report from Beldangi where he reports about the local market . Dr Bhampa Rai talks about various issues, with much stressing on repatriation as before.

Published on Jan 13 2009 // Podcast

18 days walk from Nepal to reach Bhutan

TP Mishra talks with Leela Maya Thapa of Beldangi-II who walked for 18 days from Taplejung in Nepal to reach Bhutan. Now she is 87 but she has a vivid memory of her remarkable journey from Nepal to Bhutan.

Published on Jan 13 2009 // Podcast