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'Who said there is security in camp ?'

Damber Karki, who was on his way home Beldangi along with KB Khadka, discribes the real scene of Khadka’s attack. He is the only living eye-witness. In the second half, Tek Nath Rizal speaks seriously on fragile security situation in camps.

Published on Sep 14 2009 // Podcast

Exclusive with Chakra Prasad Bastola

Chakra Prasad Bastola said NRN must not drag the resettled Bhutanese into their mission and organisation. The Bhutanese must maintain their own identity, he said. He made many things clear regarding Nepal-Bhutan bilateral talks. Ichha Poudel reads out a report from Australia.

Published on Sep 08 2009 // Podcast

What actually camp secy did ?

Champa Singh Rai of Pathri Sanishchare camp talks regarding the proposed trip to the resettling countries. Meanwhile, Pursottam Dahal, journo-turned human rights activist,expresses his opinion on the Bhutanese issue.

Published on Sep 02 2009 // Podcast

Flood in camp during Teej

Arjun Pradhan reports from Bel-I while Tilak Niraula from Goldhap talks about the latest situation. TP Mishra has a short conversation with a resettled fellow in NYC.

Published on Aug 28 2009 // Podcast

Exclusive with PM's Advisor and Balaram Paudyal

Rajan Bhattarai, the foreign affairs advisor of Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal, says Nepal has no position to make the Bhutanese issue trilateral. While, Balaram Paudyal insists on Indian involvement in the issue. The interview was aimed at creating pressure of Government of Nepal before the PM’s visit to India.

Published on Aug 17 2009 // Podcast

Conversation with DNS Dhakal on Non-Resident Bhutanese Network

DNS Dhakal, the executive chief of Bhutan National Democratic Party talks on various issues on third country resettlement and importance of formation of Non-Resident Bhutanese Network.

Published on Aug 14 2009 // Podcast

Story from America – Hari's Killing

Hari’s father and Dilli Mishra from Jacksonville talk to Saranarthi Sarokar regarding his slaying. Similarly, Arjun Pradhan and a few more have comments from the camps.

Published on Aug 07 2009 // Podcast

Taking about games and sports in camps

Bhim Gurung explains the situation of games and sports in camps. Gurung is the only Bhutanese in camp who has obtained the third Dan in tekwando.

Published on Aug 07 2009 // Podcast

Online Bhanu Jayanti Celebration – Norway Special

Exiled Bhutanese resettled in Norway have observed Bhanu Jayanti today amidst a special function. According to our correspondent Ramesh Gautam, more than 150 exiled Bhutanese observed the day. The program, which was conducted from a stage in Alta, one of the Kommunes (municipality) in the far North, was aired live through Skype in online

Published on Jul 21 2009 // Podcast

SLC Result & Convesation with BNS Editor

Jiban Bhandari  talks with TP Mishra, editor of Bhutan News Service before he left for NY under resettlement program. In second part, Khem Kafle from Beldangi-II updates the degarding SLC results of the Bhutanese students this year.

Published on Jul 20 2009 // Podcast