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Give justice to Bhutanese refugees

August 2, 2006 For sixteen years the Bhutanese have been forced to leave their country and have been living in Nepal. But no international organizations, NGOs, nor the Bhutanese government have established any effective, concrete program to protect their rights. The seminars, talks, programs, meetings, articles and interviews have done nothing to help the Bhutanese […]

Published on Aug 03 2006 // Opinion

The refugee uprising: solution sees more problems

The leaders get together only when Nepal government, the UNHCR or any other agencies supporting their livelihood try taking major decisions, while they remain silent in other times. Of course, there were few uprising in the refugee community for repatriation but gained no results in the past. The cause of the failure rests on India’s […]

Published on Jul 28 2006 // Opinion

Hopkins says refugees crisis is getting an end

For the second time, a top UNHCR official assured Bhutanese refugees in the eastern districts of Jhapa and Nepal that the one-and-half decade long impasse could be coming to an end. Talking to refugees in Beldangi II camp in Jhapa on Thursday, assistant high commissioner of the refugee agency's operation department, who is also the […]

Published on Jul 24 2006 // Opinion

No place like home

The office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) recently criticised the government for ignoring its repeated appeals to facilitate third-country resettlement of some of the 110,000 Bhutani refugees in camps here since 1990. The government feels such resettlement would set a dangerous precedence for other regions to evict Nepalis and get away with […]

Published on Jul 14 2006 // Opinion

UN & Bhutan&#039s ethnic cleansing

Bhutan is the 128th member-country of the United Nation (UN). By virtue of its commitment to the objectives of the UN charter, it is imperative for Bhutan to honor the human rights declaration of 1948. However, the blatant human rights violations, racialism, mono religionist, ethnic cleansing and linguistic prejudice against other groups the fundamental ideology […]

Published on Jul 01 2006 // Opinion

Bhutanese refugee stalemate: No end in sight

On their 16th year of exile in Nepal , Bhutanese refugees observed this year's refugee day as the 'black day'. The 15-round of talks between Himalayan kingdoms of Nepal and Bhutan failed to bring any fruitful result and acute political instability in Nepal emerged as a boon on part of Bhutan to prolong the crisis […]

Published on Jun 25 2006 // Opinion

Who will bell the cat ?

Refugee camps are silent yet suffering. Each year passing by, Bhutanese refugee camps are making themselves awfully shanty, dwindling, dwelling places. Much to one's surprise camp people continue to keep faith on establishing themselves as a dignified citizens of democratic Bhutan. Strolling around the narrowly placed bamboo huts, one can find a unique composition of […]

Published on Jun 21 2006 // Opinion

Where is the key of Bhutan&#039s Sovereignty ?

Legend of nation's dependency on Indian influences has been center of all political changes and disputes in Bhutan – be it for establishment of theocracy or absolute monarchy or running for democratic movement and preserving cultural identity. British rulers in India had agreed to give status of separate kingdom to Bhutan when then Trongsa Penlop […]

Published on Jun 14 2006 // Opinion

Bhutan’s outsiders in limbo

The harsh conditions endured by the Lhotshampa minority in Bhutan are a stain on the Himalayan kingdom's harmonious image. They may also become a threat to regional security. The broad leaves of banana trees obscure hundreds of rows of bamboo huts set out in compact grids that reach the fringes of the forest. The intersecting […]

Published on Jun 07 2006 // Opinion

Use of royal prerogatives

Bhutanese refugees have reacted with despair at the remarks made by Chief Justice Sonam Tobgey during the interaction program organized on the Draft Constitution in February 2006. In response to a query from the public whether or not it is appropriate for Bhutan to bring back the refugees from Nepal, the Chief Justice said, "the […]

Published on Jun 01 2006 // Opinion