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Translating GNH meaning is tough for &#039crowing king&#039

Bhutan, the country in political turmoil, seems to go for a gala centenary of its monarchical power by the end of 2007. December 17, 1907 is remembered today as historic, classic and memorable by entire Bhutanese populace. The critics claim that it was the vested interest of the British in India in showing the way […]

Published on Oct 25 2006 // Opinion

Future of Bhutanese Refugees is a Shell Game

While Bhutanese refugees want to go back to their country after nearly two decades of exiled life in Nepal, the international community, especially the US, Canada backed by the UN refugee agency, have lately been repeatedly advocating for taking these ill-fated people to mesmerised western society. In her recent address to the annual meeting of […]

Published on Oct 13 2006 // Opinion

Breakthrough for Bhutanese refugees?

An announcement earlier this week by the US that it is prepared to take in up to 60,000 refugees from Bhutan living in camps in the east of Nepal could mean an end to one of South Asia's longest-standing refugee problems. But US officials and diplomats caution that there are many hurdles to be overcome […]

Published on Oct 08 2006 // Opinion

Issue of exiled Bhutan versus hunt for a universal panacea

The repatriation agenda of the exiled Bhutanese seems to have come to a standstill. It has become like not scrubbed clotted cream at the bottom of a boiling pan. Revivification of the agenda that is at the verge of extinction is a continuous call of the exiled Bhutanese. They are languishing for no other option […]

Published on Sep 27 2006 // Opinion

Permanent Fiasco?

Bhutanese refugees have been around forever. To be homeless for 16 years or more must be like an eternity. One can only imagine. But therein lies the problem. We have failed to imagine and comprehend the gravity of being displaced for so long. Worse, our governments were never mentally prepared for the job of taking […]

Published on Sep 21 2006 // Opinion

Budding Democracy and Expectations

If media reports from Thimphu are true then Bhutan is all set for general elections in 2008. Recently mock elections were conducted by the Election Commission in Thimphu for dzongkhag officials and representatives. It is also reported that the electoral list of adult Bhutanese citizens eligible to exercise their franchise has already been prepared. These are […]

Published on Sep 16 2006 // Opinion

The only option is repatriation

Now Nepalese Government is making policies about the repatriation of exiled Bhutanese languishing under UNHCR-run camps for the last 16 years in eastern districts. Refugee stalemate has almost become a futile deadlock. This endeavor of the government would gain additional support if it would prove to be in favor of majority of the refugees. The […]

Published on Sep 05 2006 // Opinion

Is this second phase of eviction?

There was excitement for all when King Jigme Singye Wangchuk announced that he would abdicate the throne by 2008 for which he said the country would by then be a democratic. The campaign has begun for first historic election as part of his mission for democratization of the country. Some democratic institutions are underway. For […]

Published on Aug 23 2006 // Opinion

Triumph of ethnic cleansing ?

Despite deep lamentation, yelling and prying for the help to repatriate the Bhutanese refugees, they are under tremendous pressure to accept the third country settlement and local assimilation from all corners. The move spearheaded after the UNHCR failed to comply with the racist Druk regime and its protector India for repatriation. In the beginning Nepal's […]

Published on Aug 18 2006 // Opinion

Meeting of Khandu and Oli

A cursory look at the political history of Nepali leaders who have been the policymakers, almost all the high-ranking leaders are very much aware of the Bhutanese refugee crisis. For instance, Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala who is well known for sacrificing his life for re-establishing democracy and has whole heartedly struggled against the autocracy, […]

Published on Aug 12 2006 // Opinion