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Bhutan’s crowning glory

In a bustling capital like Delhi, events and activities are hardly scarce. But a fortnightly columnist is always attracted to the unusual, the novel and the offbeat. On these criteria, many fortnights are barren. But not the preceding one. Let me deal with two experiences clearly meeting those requirements. The first relates to a lunch […]

Published on Feb 15 2007 // Opinion

Bhutan&#039s Repression Should Concern All

The repression of innocent Bhutanese refugees by the Royal Bhutan Army (RBA), which has entered their original homeland, continues unabated. The detention of Shantiram Acharya, a registered refugee of Beldangi-II, Sector 'D' Hut No. 85, along with three other Bhutanese refugee youths, on the fake charge of being a Maoist militia on January 16, is […]

Published on Feb 04 2007 // Opinion

Bhutanese Refugees: Trapped and Tantalized

It’s been more than one-and-half decades since the first group of refugees reached eastern Nepal from Bhutan. However, their collective sufferings resulting from the tragedy of forced exile continue unabated; they have no way of knowing what their situation will be from one day to the next. With respect to land, they lost the possessions […]

Published on Jan 10 2007 // Opinion

Refugees or ready-made-terrorists?

Bhutan's foreign minister Khandu Wangchuk on December 27 has said that bringing back the "highly-politicized camp people" into Bhutan would mean importing ready-made-terrorists. It is learnt that while addressing the Druk parliament, Wangchuk claimed many in the UNHCR-sponsored camps are listed as both "refugees and Maoist members." Actually, these sorts of statements made by the […]

Published on Dec 29 2006 // Opinion

Bhutanese refugees: Big brother doing small

During his recent visit to Nepal, Indian foreign secretary Shiv Shankar Menon once again pushed the issue of Bhutanese refugees to Nepal and Bhutan to decide. More exactly the things are clear, India would prefer the issue to get prolonged and derive more benefits from Bhutan. Regarded the largest democratic nation of the world, not […]

Published on Dec 21 2006 // Opinion

Bhutan absconding from repatriation

The Bhutanese refugee impasse is progressively stepping towards complication. Gradually, it is attracting individual refugee and well-wishers into hot debate. This decade-and-half years of pending issue has been one of the biggest burdens for South Asia. Even the world community is unreceptive to the dilemma. The long stay in the unimproved camps under the plastic […]

Published on Dec 04 2006 // Opinion

The Neighbourhood Needs Closer Attention

With a Foreign Secretary only recently installed and a fresh Foreign Minister now in place, a new team is in charge at MEA. The changes at the top do not look like routine turnovers but bid fair to give renewed impetus to the conduct of foreign policy. It is thus a proper moment to consider […]

Published on Nov 09 2006 // Opinion

Bhutanese resistance to its own mistakes

Not only in modern times, relation between Bhutan and Nepal, had been historical since Tibeto-origin lamas permanently settled in Bhutan, who, earlier to their departure to Bhutan, had maintained close relation with Nepal. The history begins with the marriage between two royal families of Nepal and Tibet long before Nepal came into existence. The historical […]

Published on Nov 06 2006 // Opinion

The truth behind the triggering of the refugee crisis

Karma Phuntsho’s article ‘Bhutan reforms and Nepalese criticism’ in Open democracy dated 13-10-2006 has factually wrong information that is largely made on the assumptions that prevails in Bhutan. When the 1958 Citizenship Act was implemented throughout Bhutan in 1985, it affected sections of the Lhotsampa community. It could have been resolved if Lyonpo Dago Tshering […]

Published on Nov 03 2006 // Opinion

A Family&#039s Psychic Journey to an Unreachable Horizon

The play, at the Cherry Lane Theater, is named for the kingdom in the Himalayas, but everyone in it talks like a caricature of a Maine lobsterman, since it's set somewhere in New England, and that exaggerated drawl (done inconsistently here, as it almost always is) is theatrical shorthand for "poor and undereducated." Happily, there […]

Published on Oct 31 2006 // Opinion