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A village within a camp

This is not a wonder, as you feel when reading this, but the fact is a village has been created within the Bhutanese refugee camp in Nepal. And it is named as security village. Created on the lap of Armed Police Force base camp in Beldangi I, the security village turns to be a shelter […]

Published on Dec 06 2009 // Opinion

An Open letter to the Bhutanese parliamentarians

Date: November 19, 2009 (6:30 GMT) Dear Parliamentarians, On the eve of the 4th session of the first Bhutanese parliament, we want to put forth the immediate concern of the Bhutanese people both inside the country and in exile. The historical importance of your deliberations will be judged by the historians as well as by […]

Published on Nov 20 2009 // Opinion

Efforts continue to let Japanese know Bhutan’s human rights violations

Manfred Ringhofer is a lone army in the Japanese battlefield against the gross human rights violations in Bhutan. Having good relations with Bhutan, Japan government and the Japanese people rarely believe about human rights violations in this tiny Himalayan kingdom. Manfred, as a university professor, organized several trips for university student to refugee camps in […]

Published on Nov 06 2009 // Opinion

Bhutan’s future in democracy

A year after Bhutan entered into party politics with a fabricated form of democratic system, it has organized the first conference talking democracy in Asia sphere. For decades, Bhutan resisted democracy in the name of preserving culture and religious unity. In many instances, Bhutan said it cannot tolerate religious and cultural diversity, which is fundamentally […]

Published on Oct 27 2009 // Opinion

Unchanged Bhutan

The rulers and ruled are same, the only thing that changed is the way government is formed. As admitted by Prime Minister Jigmi Thinley during his meeting with two German constitution experts who were in Thimphu visit, Bhutan’s changes are just the showcase. It is a day dream for general people to feel the changes […]

Published on Oct 26 2009 // Opinion

Waiting for UNHCR's Officials

“I never heard of my son opposing third country resettlement program,” lamented 79-year-old Bal Bahadur Khadka, who is filled with unplumbed agony of losing his son last month. Bal Bahadur Khadka Several in camp have told Bal Bahadur that his son, Karna Bahadur, was murdered since he opposed resettlement program and always advocated for repatriation. […]

Published on Oct 02 2009 // Opinion

Remembering KB Khadka

I was working late hours in the office yesterday. There were some important discussions going on between me and my department boss when I received several calls from Jhapa and Morang, most of the numbers starting from 98049 or 98079. I negated all those calls thinking they were just the regular stuffs as usual. Usually, […]

Published on Sep 09 2009 // Opinion

Five months in Denmark

It was not very easy for the Timsina family to make their trip towards Denmark leaving behind their octagenarian mother with family of the youngest brother in Nepal. When there was no choice, they got separated even from the eldest brother’s family moving to another country. It was indeed a hard deal for two segments of Timsina Family in the Internation Organisation for Migration transit camp in Maharajgunj

Published on Aug 16 2009 // Opinion

Dreams are not always true

When resettlement started in February 2008, most exiled Bhutanese had expected their life to be luxurious with clear destiny in the new homes they are flying to in the western countries. Though offer for resettlement initially brought some irksome response from the refugee community, in later days, it was whole heartedly welcomed. In a recent […]

Published on Jul 31 2009 // Opinion

A month in Australia

It has been over a month since I landed at Adelaide airport in South Australia. The first month remained impressive as expected. I had my ninety six year old grandfather on his wheel chair- the eldest man in Adelaide from Bhutanese Community whom I had accompanied along with. After some 12 hours of flight from […]

Published on Jul 13 2009 // Opinion