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Facebook revolts from Tunisia to Bhutan

As per an open request posted in his blog by Opposition Leader Tshering Tobgay on February 14, a person called Kinley Shering has started “amend the tobacco control act” in one of the most powerful media, the facebook. As of Sunday, the group has 244 members, including the OL and executive director of Bhutan Media […]

Published on Mar 16 2011 // News Analysis

UDHR Day and Southern Bhutan Problem

On the occasion of celebration of the 62nd Universal Human Rights Day 10th December 2010, the world leaders, Human rights activists and UN secretary general and UN Human Rights commissioner sent messages calling the world for peace, tolerance and respect of human rights and rights of human person. Show human compassion and kindness. No one […]

Published on Dec 29 2010 // News Analysis

Ethnic exclusion

Kamala Poudel, a housewife from Gulmi, who has made Australia her home, keeps herself engaged in social works as well, now that both her sons are grown-up, besides assisting her husband Kashi Ram in running his Nepali restaurant in Adelaide. Recently, she volunteered her services for the Migrant Resource Centre of South Australia to help […]

Published on Nov 11 2010 // News Analysis

A real quest

Dear T Penjore I am delighted to read your book Quest for Democracy – against all odds, the first book on Bhutan I read after migrating to Australia early last month. It helped me a lot to revive my passion for democracy and rather worked as a refresher in an alien land where I am […]

Published on Oct 14 2010 // News Analysis

DNC-Democratic stance on strategic coalition

This universal realm is so illusive that what one sees actually does not happen; and that what is happening is not seen with naked eyes! It is necessary to clarify that the so-highly talked about coalition is built on the individualistic basis and unrepresented of by the people, who subscribe to the organizations, whereby flutters […]

Published on Sep 07 2010 // News Analysis

Replace Dzongkha by English

Recent political change in Bhutan has given opportunity for public debates on several issues pertaining to Bhutanese nationality, including its official language Dzongkha, which otherwise would have been impossible. Talking relevance of any Bhutanese symbols under absolute monarchy was certain to land people into jails. Discussing their usage today is the healthy democratic culture that […]

Published on Aug 29 2010 // News Analysis

Open letter to Stephane Jaquemet

I hope you are keeping well. Congratulations to your esteemed agency for becoming successful to resettle 30,000+ Bhutanese refugees in various western countries in a short span of time. Indeed, this is one of the greatest achievements, for which the UNHCR should be doubtlessly eulogized. A majority of resettled Bhutanese have started to live up with a new hope, new dreams, and a new life—the progress for which is yet to be seen. It was very pleasurable to go through your interview in the official website of Bhutan News Service

Published on Aug 13 2010 // News Analysis

Eve teasing, taxi-drivers in top list

It might seem a little outlandish to find women, especially in Thimphu, carrying chili powder or tiny Swiss knives with their cosmetics in their handbags these days. While they carry make-up sets to apply on their faces from time to time to accentuate the way they look, chili powder and knives are reserved to keep […]

Published on Jul 27 2010 // News Analysis

Minister Rai, language and communal harmony

It was not an amazing but surely a set back to read in a recent interview with a Nepalese daily newspaper that Information and Communication Minister Nandalal Rai see the possibility of communal violence in the country if the government initiated to revive the Nepali language version of the state-controlled Kuensel daily. I noted it […]

Published on May 21 2010 // News Analysis

Bhutan projects itself for unstable politics

The ‘democratic government’ of Bhutan has given hints that this country is likely to face insurgency or the political turmoil in future. The government a few years back had announced its intention to form a counter-insurgency force, has finally been materialized. The youth sensitization, under police-youth collaboration, followed government’s announcement to form such military armed […]

Published on Apr 13 2010 // News Analysis