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A warm up session on freedom of expression

September 30: Possibly for the first time in Bhutanese history that government initiated debate on freedom of expression, independence and pluralism on which media thrives, recently in Thimphu. The gathering sponsored by UNESCO was called by the Ministry of Information and Communication where representatives from the sponsoring UN agency, government and media outlets attended, primarily […]

Published on Sep 30 2009 // Media Monitor

‘Business Bhutan’ hopes to ease Bhutan’s business

‘Business Bhutan’ hops to ease Bhutan’s business Doing business in Bhutan wasn’t good enough, owing to lack of laws, lack of political openness and environment for advertisements to reach the consumers. The country has changed its political spectrum, brought about new investment policies including foreign direct investment and now the country gets and exclusive news […]

Published on Sep 27 2009 // Media Monitor

Public services e-ready (Reproduction)

Source: Kuensel Government organisations can now offer on-line facilities on e-platform By 2010, obtaining a citizenship identity card, or a land ownership certificate may not take as long as, like some applicants humorously describe it, “after a pair of shoe soles are worn out.” With the launching of an electronic-platform (e-platform) yesterday in Thimphu, government […]

Published on Jul 11 2009 // Media Monitor

NC will go live, NA not

The Houses in the parliament have different perspectives on right to information and public view of the parliament proceedings. The debate continues till the parliament session began Friday amid special function in capital. As per the preliminary decisions, BBS TV will not be allowed to broadcast live the third session of the National Assembly

Published on Jun 27 2009 // Media Monitor

Freedom of information is no favour

Thimphu, June 19, 2009 – Opinion The Cabinet finally, on June 16, made its decision on the new corporate pay hike that would affect the lives of about 10,000 corporate employees, kept in the dark for more than five months after the pay raise for civil service employees. Kuensel – being a newspaper with a […]

Published on Jun 20 2009 // Media Monitor

New building for BBS TV

The state-owned Bhutan Broadcasting Services (BBS) Corporation has now shifted its television unit to a new building in Thimphu constructed at the cost of Nu 194 million

Published on Jun 03 2009 // Media Monitor

First internet radio starts operation

One of the private radio stations in Thimphu join hands with a Swiss to start a 24 hour live streaming online

Published on May 19 2009 // Media Monitor

ABU holds its congress in Paro

The eleventh congress of the Asia Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) concluded here in Paro on Tuesday. The congress is held every two years

Published on May 06 2009 // Media Monitor

Journalists decorated with awards

Despite indirect censorship on media, the elected government for the first time arranged for media awards to various journalists as gesture to inspire for better journalism on Sunday

Published on May 05 2009 // Media Monitor

‘Too early to say Bhutan has press freedom’

A Bhutanese journalist working with a weekly newspaper published from Thimphu said it would be too early to say that Bhutan has press freedom even after the country adopted constitution and changed its politics from absolute monarchy to parliamentary democracy last year

Published on May 03 2009 // Media Monitor