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Media wars…

Mass media in Bhutan has enjoyed exceptional growth recently. During the last four years, five new newspapers – all privately owned – started operations in quick succession.  Bhutan Times, Bhutan Observer, Bhutan Today, Business Bhutan and The Journalist hit the newsstands on 30 April 2006, 2 June 2006, 30 October 2008, 26 September 2009 and […]

Published on Jan 08 2010 // Media Monitor

Setting the ethical bar

January 06, 2008 – Involving a minor, below 18 years, in any form of Bhutanese media without the consent of the parent or guardian will be an offence, according to the rules on content for Bhutanese ICT and media industry. The content rules on 12 sections, including violence, children, nudity, religion, language, crime and advertisements, […]

Published on Jan 06 2010 // Media Monitor

Vexing new year for Bhutan Times

The Earth Ox year was not very good for Bhutan Times, as the paper made headlines with the resignation of its founding managing director, a financial crisis and a mass resignation of the editor and six reporters who accused the management of editorial interference. It seems the beginning of the New Year also doesn’t seem […]

Published on Jan 05 2010 // Media Monitor

Media ethics workshop concludes

January 02, 2009: he three-day workshop on media ethics organised for Bhutanese media professionals came to an end yesterday, with Dr Venkat Iyer, barrister and lecturer at the University of Ulster, speaking about the journalistic ethics of reporting on vulnerable individuals and groups in society. The session also covered the pros and cons of prejudicial […]

Published on Jan 03 2010 // Media Monitor

The writes and wrongs

January 01, 2010 – Public interest is one of the driving factors that help determine the journalists’ decision to tell stories, some 20 Bhutanese journalists were told during a discussion on the ethical dimensions of journalism. Public interest, explained resource person Dr Venkat Iyer, includes detecting or exposing crime or serious impropriety, protecting public health […]

Published on Jan 01 2010 // Media Monitor

The battle for eyeballs begins

With the imminent introduction of DTH, TV viewers will soon be spoiled for choice With the government on the lookout to license direct to home (DTH) TV operators in the country, cable operators are worried that they might go under if authorities do not create a level playing field. Most are concerned that, if DTH […]

Published on Dec 30 2009 // Media Monitor

TV channels chopped off again

December 29, 2009: The Bhutan Information, Communication and Media Authority (BICMA) has again cut off over a dozen foreign television channels from Bhutanese cable lines last week. With this order, the Bhutanese cable operators are allowed to distribute only 40 television channels. The restricted channels include a number of sports and a few movie channels. […]

Published on Dec 29 2009 // Media Monitor

Two more newspapers ready to hit the market

December 14, 2009: Come this December, the country will have two more newspapers in its credit after the launch of Drukpa and The Journalist. On December 17, the 102nd National Day, a brand new monthly news magazine, called Drukpa,  will hit the newsstand. According to the owners, the monthly magazine will work towards bridging the […]

Published on Dec 14 2009 // Media Monitor

The cost of promoting Dzongkha

December 11, 2009: From this issue, Bhutan Observer’s Dzongkha edition, Druk Nelug, is going smaller drastically and significantly. The award-winning Dzongkha newspaper is becoming poorer by four pages, down from 10 pages. However regrettable and painful it is, three-and-a-half-year-old financial reasons have questioned its very survival and compelled us to take this drastic measure. In […]

Published on Dec 11 2009 // Media Monitor

BhutanInfo website launched

All you ever wanted to know about development goals just a click away 4 December, 2009 – With the launch of BhutanInfo yesterday, the first comprehensive information centre for Bhutan’s socio economic development goals at various levels is now only a click away. BhutanInfo, which is available in both desktop and online version at www.bhutanInfo.gov.bt, […]

Published on Dec 04 2009 // Media Monitor