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The media is the message

 With all the discussions, disagreements, suggestions, allegations and assumptions making it to the pages of the local print media on the government’s advertising policy that is still being fine tuned, there seems to be agreement at least on one aspect – content is important. Good writing, accuracy, objectivity, analysis, sensitivity, would be some of the […]

Published on Jul 27 2010 // Media Monitor

A media vehicle vandalized

A van belonging to weekly newspaper, The Journalist, published from Thimphu was vandalized by unknown attackers on mid night May 12. The van was returning office after dropping home one of the paper’s IT staffs, when it was hit at around 12.45 pm, as it passed the road above the golf course area in Thimphu, […]

Published on May 15 2010 // Media Monitor

Ad firm takes media to court

Proprietor accuses BICMA and newspaper companies of collusion 12 April, 2010 – An advertising firm, Druk Advertisement, has sued the six newspaper companies and Bhutan info comm and media authority (BICMA) for allegedly colluding against the firm to suspend its activities. Druk Advertisement, which started a free circulation of an advertisement magazine in February, suspended […]

Published on Apr 13 2010 // Media Monitor

Students learn journalism tricks

While many of their friends screamed out their hearts practicing for an upcoming talent show, 35 odd students sat wide-eyed listening to behind-the-scenes stories of newspaper journalism. Adding to the heat of a spring afternoon in Paro last Saturday, Yoserling Higher Secondary School got a feel of news gathering and writing as a bunch of […]

Published on Mar 30 2010 // Media Monitor

Students, public to learn about media

March 16, 2010: To create awareness and ed­ucate people on the media, Ministry of Information and Communications (MoIC), in collaboration with the Min­istry of Education (MoE), has developed a curriculum framework for schools and programmes for the public. The media literacy cur­riculum and teacher’s guide, which were developed in 2009 by MoIC, MoE, Royal University […]

Published on Mar 17 2010 // Media Monitor

“it is not the end of my journey”

The founding editor of Bhutan Today, K B Lama, has recently left the country’s first daily newspaper. He talked to Business Bhutan reporter Phurba D Dorji about his experience and the print media in the country. Q. How has the print media evolved over the years? A. The biggest revolution in the print media was […]

Published on Mar 15 2010 // Media Monitor

Bhutan media foundation established through royal kasho

21 February 2010 – Coinciding with His Majesty’s 30th birthday anniversary, His Majesty the King issued a royal kasho (charter) formally establishing the Bhutan media foundation. The media foundation is being established to support the development of mass media, so that it can carry out its roles and responsibilities in the interest of democracy. According […]

Published on Feb 28 2010 // Media Monitor

Papers with ‘rubbish’ news to lose ads

Private newspapers say that a circulation audit will see them losing out to old players in the market in terms of government ads Soon, newspapers with more contents of gross national happiness (GNH) and other national priorities may land up getting more government advertisements than those who run posters of Hollywood actors and give “rubbish” […]

Published on Jan 27 2010 // Media Monitor

Chapter 4 of the Civil Service Bill contradicts Article 7 of the Constitution: Journalists

January 14, 2009: The bone of contention in the proposed Civil Service Bill, 2009, that had already been passed by the National Assembly in the last Assembly session is exclusively on Chapter 4 of the Bill. Some of the media practitioners say that two clauses are in variance directly with the Article 7 of the […]

Published on Jan 17 2010 // Media Monitor

Regulating media content

The release of the new rules of content for media has defined what kind of media Bhutan is to have. Many things that are not allowed according to the BICMA rules are perfectly legal and even accepted in some parts of the world. Not to say that this means that our rules are overbear­ing. After […]

Published on Jan 10 2010 // Media Monitor