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Health indicators are satisfactory

Association of Medical Doctors of Asia (AMDA) having primary objective of contributing for development of health sector in Nepal, took the responsibility of primary health care for exiled Bhutanese in January 2001 shouldering all activities of Save the Children,UK. Since 2001, it has been running Primary Health Care Project for Bhutanese Refugees with an objective […]

Published on Dec 12 2007 // Interview

Introducing refugees from Bhutan to the world

KATHMANDU, Nepal, October 26 (UNHCR) – The son of American aid workers, U.S. filmmaker Grady Walker spent most of his childhood in Kathmandu. Later, as a film school graduate, he decided to come back to Nepal and introduce the world to refugees from Bhutan, whose stories he had grown up with. His documentary "Eviction" sweeps […]

Published on Oct 27 2007 // Interview

We favor repatriation: Joshi

Many organizations formed by well-wishers of Bhutanese refugees, established with the aims of extending moral support to them, are now-a-days getting dissolved. Some of those organizations simply worked for their own benefits. ‘Friends of Bhutan’ is yet an organization formed by a small circle of Nepalese well-wishers. Standing on the favor of ‘repatriation’ to refugee’s […]

Published on Oct 16 2007 // Interview

I don&#039t oppose those willing to resettle in third countries

As the preparation for third country settlement of the exiled Bhutanese, especially in US, Canada and Australia, as part of the international community to find durable solution of the protracted crisis is getting momentum, situation in the camps has worsened. Along with that the Bhutanese community in exile has divided clearly into two sections: one […]

Published on Sep 09 2007 // Interview

Resettlement has already begun

Abraham ABRAHAM, the country representative of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Nepal has repeatedly talked of opening the doors for third country settlement of the exiled Bhutanese as prospects for repatriation has almost closed. Having worked in a number of countries for nearly three decades to repatriate and resettle refugees, Abraham […]

Published on Aug 04 2007 // Interview

No power can stop people&#039s war

Communists Party of Bhutan, Marxists-Leninists-Maoists (CPB-MLM), established in the mid 2001 and come into public in 2003, has time and again stated that it would lead 'peoples' war' in Bhutan to uproot the absolute regime and thereafter establish 'peoples' government' in this himalayan kingdom. CPB-MLM is extensively accused of being responsible towards creating havoc inside […]

Published on Jun 19 2007 // Interview

Ethnic Nepalis are in threat

Human Rights Watch, a New York based human rights organization recently published a report on the present situation of Nepalis in Bhutan and exiled Bhutanese in camps. The report has presented a real picture of gross violation of human rights in Bhutan of the ethnic Nepalis. It has also implied towards the eviction of the […]

Published on May 28 2007 // Interview

We will be here until crisis gets solved

Caritas Nepal is one of the implementing partners of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) with the exiled Bhutanese. Especially looking after the education matters, Caritas operates the primary education with support from the UNHCR and runs secondary education at its own expenses. For the last few years, it has been supporting the […]

Published on May 14 2007 // Interview

Time is yet to ripen

Dr. D. N. S. Dhakal has been the prominent personality in the democratic struggle of Bhutan soon he took up the responsibility as the general secretary of the Bhutan National Democratic Party (BNDP). Since his involvement, Dhakal has been leading most demonstrations and peaceful protests that have been organized by political parties and apolitical groups […]

Published on Apr 12 2007 // Interview

Equality needed better addressed

Born in Puranobasti under Sarpang district, Jasodha Budathoki, wife of late R. K. Budathoki (founder president of Bhutan Peoples’ Party), is currently working as President of Women Organization of Bhutan (WOB) founded in August 21, 1990 in Garganda, India. Budathoki is also Central Committee Member of both Bhutanese Movement Steering Committee (BMSC) and National Front […]

Published on Feb 24 2007 // Interview