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Resettlement for all in five years : UNHCR

The resettlement program for Bhutanese is probably one of the most successful resettlement programs in the world. In 2009, Nepal became the largest resettlement country program in the world before Thailand. Earlier, it used to be Thailand, but now it is Nepal. The fact that we are the largest resettlement shows that it is a successful program. The second thing which makes me conclude this is that the recognition rate is something like 99%,

Published on Aug 13 2010 // Interview, Opinion

Bhutanese refugees have a strong sense of community

The Catholic Charities, Phoenix is a part of the Catholic Refugee Resettlement Network, coordinated by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, which is one of the nine national agencies resettling refugees, and has over 100 affiliates in throughout the US. Joanne Morales, who is the Director of Refugee Programs at the Catholic Charities, says […]

Published on Jan 30 2009 // Interview

Resettlement has gained momentum

Nepal Resettlement Program Manager for International Organization for Migration (IOM), David Derthick, 52, is also the IOM Head of Sub-Office Damak. Derthick has worked with refugees since 1983 in Indonesia, The Philippines, Kenya and Nepal. After the signing of Memorandum of Understanding with the government of Nepal on September 3, 2007, IOM opened offices in […]

Published on Nov 28 2008 // Interview

Let me be mentally fit first

The founding general secretary of Bhutan People's Party (BPP), Dhan Kumar Rai generally referred to as D. K. Rai, was released by the Bhutanese authority on November 1. Rai, who was arrested from Todey in Darjeeling (India) on November 17, 1991, was later handed over to Bhutan police.  45-year old unmarried Rai, who spent almost […]

Published on Nov 16 2008 // Interview

Identity matters

Bhutan Gorkha National Liberation Front (BGNLF) is one of those political parties especially advocating for rights to Nepali speakers southern Bhutan. The party projects itself an ethnic organization and tries to base the agenda that are important to Nepali speakers. While other parties call ethnic Nepalis for southern Bhutanese, BGNLF argues they are Gurkhas. For […]

Published on Oct 24 2008 // Interview

IOM and Caritas must teach students importance of education

Cora Schram, 26, is a student from the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. As part of her study on master in cultural anthropology, she conducted three-month of research in Beldangi I, II and II-extension camps, where exiled Bhutanese live. During this research, she focused on the importance of education inside the refugee camps, and […]

Published on Sep 22 2008 // Interview

BNS should work for networking

How do you evaluate the current resettlement process?It appears now that the bulk majority of the refugees are looking forward to resettlement. This was not expected earlier. It is perhaps due to the feedbacks sent by those who are already resettled. Does not it lead to identity crisis?Unless the community leaders among the resettled refugees […]

Published on Aug 25 2008 // Interview

&#039King hasn&#039t understood what the problem in Bhutan is&#039

Devi Bhakta Lamitarey, was and still is in the list of wanted anti-government leader in Bhutan. Being one of the founding leader of Bhutan State Congress (later renamed Bhutan National Congress), Lamitarey waged peaceful war against discriminatory policies of the government, and most importantly for establishing democracy and human rights in Bhutan. Through two of […]

Published on Jun 28 2008 // Interview

Mission to integrate Bhutanese in US society

Jiwan Subba, born in Samtse Bhutan, graduated in English from North Bengal University (India). A former assistant teacher in exiled Bhutanese community in Nepal, Subba was officiating chair of Youth Organization of Bhutan. Based in California, Subba was elected as Secretary of Bhutanese American Community Center (BACC) in 2007. He talked to Vidhyapati Mishra of […]

Published on Apr 16 2008 // Interview

‘Refugee children are at risk’

Roz Evans completed an MSc in Forced Migration at the Oxford University's Refugee Studies Centre in 2005 and is currently doing her PhD in Development Studies at Oxford University. She is researching the impact of child-focused participatory projects on Bhutanese refugee children living in camps in Nepal. Roz has just completed her research fieldwork in […]

Published on Feb 08 2008 // Interview