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Child rights still in its infancy

Despite numerous achievements in the area of child rights, there seems to be a lack of a formal and streamlined child protection system in the country. The recent Bhutan Multiple Indicator Survey shows that 30 percent of girls are married before the age of 18 years, while 18 percent of children are engaged in child […]

Published on Nov 18 2011 // Human Rights Monitor

15 year old stabs 19-year-old

A 15-year old boy stabbed a 19 year old twice in his chest in Gelephu around 7:45am yesterday. The incident occurred near the Gelephu guesthouse when students were on their way to the schools. The 19 year old was stabbed when he tried to stop the 15 year old from kicking another schoolboy. Gelephu police […]

Published on Nov 15 2011 // Human Rights Monitor

Man detained for defamation

A man in his early 30s has been apprehended by the police in Thimphu for posting malicious opinions in one of the online forums repeatedly against an official in Gelephu. He has been apprehended based on a written complaint accusing him of making unsubstantiated defamatory remarks under a fictitious name. Police said the man has […]

Published on Nov 03 2011 // Human Rights Monitor

No law in place to protect their rights

Social discrimination is the direct result of a lack of public awareness HIV Positive People Dorji does not blame his parents for sending him out of their home. They did not know anything about HIV. It was relatives, who told his parents that HIV spreads from touching and living together, he said. “So I stayed […]

Published on Oct 21 2011 // Human Rights Monitor

Govt. provided no assistance

Haa: More than 30 people from nine households of Gyensa village in Bji gewog, Haa are sharing a tent as their houses were damaged by the earthquake of September 18. The tent was given by a Royal Bhutan Army Officer yesterday. Till then, the families had taken shelter under a maruti van. A 29-year-old tour […]

Published on Sep 22 2011 // Human Rights Monitor

Bhutan improves freedom index

Bhutan is also ranked 18th out of 41 countries in the Asia-Pacific region Bhutan’s has been ranked 103rd out of 183 countries where government allows labor, capital and goods to move freely. According to the 2011 index of economic freedom released by the Heritage Foundation, Washington’s prominent think tank and Wall Street Journal, Bhutan secured […]

Published on Sep 15 2011 // Human Rights Monitor

Woman handed down three-year sentence

Thimphu district court sentenced a 22-year old woman to three years imprisonment for smuggling tobacco into the country. Binu Kumari Chetri, who runs a shop opposite the taxi parking, was arrested on March 7, after a businesswoman, Yeshi Lhamo, 30, who runs a pan shop below the Bhutan Narcotic and Control Agency office in Thimphu, […]

Published on Aug 09 2011 // Human Rights Monitor

Stabber found to be schizophrenic

The 21-year old man, who was recently detained for allegedly striking a minor girl with a knife, has been diagnosed with schizophrenia, a mental disorder, by a psychiatrist in Mongar referral hospital. Schizophrenia is a mental disorder, characterised by disintegration of thought process and of emotional responsiveness, accompanied by hallucinations, paranoia, disorganised speech and thinking. […]

Published on Aug 06 2011 // Human Rights Monitor

Crew to blame for Nepal plane crash: investigator

A mix-up in the cockpit and pilot error was to blame for an air crash in Nepal’s eastern hills late last year that left 22 mostly Buddhist pilgrims dead, an investigator said Monday. The Tara Air plane bound for Kathmandu carrying 19 passengers crashed in dense cloud in December shortly after taking off from a […]

Published on Jul 14 2011 // Human Rights Monitor

Experts ask GoN to adopt Refugee Convention

Former Chief Commissioner of National Human Right Commission of Nepal Sudip Pathak expressed that Nepal must adopt the Refugee Convention 1951 to safeguard the basic rights of refugees in Nepal. “The government should adopt the convention to make refugees feel that their rights are well protected,” Pathak said while presenting a paper at an interaction […]

Published on Nov 21 2010 // Human Rights Monitor