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Royal Democracy in Bhutan: Steps Ahead Against the Current

A year of democratic practices in Bhutan has brought numerous reforms and left almost no stones unturned to demystify the suspicion of throne-gifted democracy. To begin with, the election of 20 members for the upper house, later, five deputed by the monarch, formally lifted the ban on the word ‘democracy”. Then, the royal cabinet divided […]

Published on Apr 16 2009 // Commentary

Media: Consciously Unconscious

The Bhutanese media is on the footstool of a ‘great big leap’. After the initial baby steps, its bold strides have arrived to mixed reverberations of awe and applause to disgust and dread. It is perhaps time for deep soul-searching for the direction of the Bhutanese media. This ominous void is an invocation of a […]

Published on Mar 28 2009 // Commentary

Interpretation of constitution

For years, Bhutan said there was no need for TV channels – either for the general mass or for the political leaders. Further, it was assumed that reading political stuffs from other countries – be they in newspapers or magazine or book – would invite chaos and disturbances in the country. Radio was made the […]

Published on Feb 18 2009 // Commentary

What’s in an Identity?

On the outset, let me begin with a simple premise that the ‘identity’ of the ‘Nepali speaking’ Bhutanese people is shrouded in confusion. To make matters worse, the confusion continues to grow. ‘Identity’ here and for the purpose of this article refers to ‘ethnic or cultural distinctiveness or characteristics’ of people covered under study. This […]

Published on Jan 27 2009 // Commentary