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Many indigent refugees to lose federal assistance

The Social Security Administration is about to terminate cash assistance for thousands of indigent refugees who are severely disabled or over the age of 64. “You will lose your Supplemental Security Income on Oct. 1,” the agency says in letters being mailed to more than 3,800 refugees. All fled persecution or torture. Many are too […]

Published on Aug 04 2010 // Commentary

Census exercise boomerangs

BY S.B. SUBBA: The most pernicious and contentious census has now started pricking the mind of the other northern Bhutanese too. In 1990s it was only to the Nepali-speaking southern Bhutanese, the exercise was laden and rest of the northern fellowmen felt well ensconced and any errors deliberately or inadvertently committed by the census and […]

Published on Jul 01 2010 // Commentary

Bhutan says 'no seats' for journalists

Logistic coordinators in Thimphu, the capital of Bhutan, are up against housing over 300 journalists who reached Bhutan to cover-up the 16th South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) summit. Media coordinators have found themselves at a loss when India and Pakistan decided to send 43 and 31 media persons respectively. This is not the […]

Published on Apr 28 2010 // Commentary

My attachment with Bhutan

I have my sentimental and emotional attachment with Bhutan. The reason behind this is I was there in Bhutan long time ago to set the foundation of democratic movement in the country. I am not yet able to forget that history. That has left a set back on me. Like Tek Nath Rizal, even BP […]

Published on Mar 21 2010 // Commentary

The politics of religion

Bhutan long cherished the mission of culture preservation, the energy primarily injected by the Kagyupa priesthood, the national cult declared officially in 2008 when constitution was adopted. The attempts to end the isolation were long shattered by the leaders of Drukpa Buddhism in the past. Though efforts are still on hold, they are gradually becoming […]

Published on Feb 28 2010 // Commentary

India’s Role in the Bhutanese Democratic Movement

The role of the Indian government on the paraphernalia of the Bhutanese democratic movement for human rights and democracy begs for more criticism than appreciation. India’s strategic advantage both in terms of location and influence on  governance in Bhutan is hardly concealed from anyone. But after two decades, India’s attitude on the Bhutanese movement remains […]

Published on Jan 30 2010 // Commentary

Revival of the oppressed literature

Creations see no bounds, no borders. Geography, politics, bureaucracy or many other restrictions that human being and nature created can act just the feeblest resistance to creations. Even the end of civilization cannot end the literature. One of the reasons of eviction Nepali-speakers in early 1990 was our endeavour to widen the scope of Nepali […]

Published on Jan 12 2010 // Commentary

The greatest photo opportunity that never was!

November 20, 2009 was the opening day of the 4th Session of the National Assembly of Bhutan. I awaited the arrival of the day like an excited little boy. I cancelled or postponed all my other engagements in order that I can be in Thimphu to attend the Opening Session. But when the day finally […]

Published on Dec 14 2009 // Commentary

Bhutan panic in Darjeeling hills

A delegation from the Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs recently returned to Thimphu from its Darjeeling and Kalimpong trip assessing the situation of Bhutanese students who are pursuing their higher education in this hilly town. The ministry was concerned about the students after the Gorkha Janamukti Morcha (GJM), the agitating political party for a […]

Published on Nov 25 2009 // Commentary

Fools’ Assembly soon

The fourth mega extravaganza of fools’ show is in the calendar soon. The spectators scattered all over the nation and through out the world are expecting it with reluctance and a hope for fun. Reluctance, because, at times the clowns make certain regulations requiring the audience  to stand up, sit down or clap or appear […]

Published on Nov 09 2009 // Commentary