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Community Empowerment: Why Entrepreneurship should be second religion

July 4th is a big day for America. It is America’s National Independence Day. As usual July 4th 2011 was marked by mega celebrations in different cities, including one in the nation’s capital – Washington DC. Crackers worth millions of dollars went up in the night sky – in red, yellow, blue and green. The […]

Published on Sep 01 2011 // Commentary

Fresh meat, not digestive to the toothless lion

Having no alternatives other than hatching a wicked drama and resonate it as of love towards democracy, formulating democratic set-up in governance and presenting to the western donors to receive alms as pocket-earning from foreign aid, Mr. Jigme Singye Wangchuk, the then king of Bhutan graced the old house of representative (Tshogdu) to practice a […]

Published on Aug 09 2011 // Commentary

Tobacco affects Bhutanese leaders, not alcohol

A month after the finalising the draft regulation to control the alcohol consumption in the country, the government took steps that in fact encouraged people to increase it. The government officials say alcohol consumption among educated lot has gone down while the numbers among young people are growing. The production and consumption of locally brewed […]

Published on Jun 28 2011 // Commentary

Saving the faces

The Supreme Court has ruled that the government violated the Constitution by raising taxes without seeking the Parliament’s approval. This is a landmark verdict. But the verdict should not be seen as a loss for the government. Nor should it be seen as a win for the opposition party. In fact it should be seen, […]

Published on Mar 16 2011 // Commentary

King’s Democracy endangers Bhutan’s sovereignty

When the 4th monarch, King Jigme Singe Wangchuk proclaimed abdication from his golden throne in favour of the crown prince Jigme Khesar Namgyal Wangchuk on December 17, 2006 at Trashi Yangtse, a far flung district headquarters in the east Bhutan, world was astonished to see that an absolute monarch was changing the skin colour to […]

Published on Dec 26 2010 // Commentary

A refugee camp divided

Finding a durable solution to the Bhutanese refugee crisis has created a roller-coaster of tensions within the camps. DAMAK, Nepal – Subash Archaya thought he had escaped persecution for good when he left southern Bhutan in the early 1990’s. Harassed by the government and threatened by police, he joined the growing population of ethnically-Nepali Bhutanese […]

Published on Nov 10 2010 // Commentary

The Greatest Nation on Earth

My remotest ancestors on this continent settled in Maryland in 1634, as titled freeholders under the sheltering canopy of a royal charter. I do not come from hardy immigrants who set out from their native soils to make a desperate crossing in steerage to a distant, near-mythical land of limitless possibility called “America.” I fear […]

Published on Sep 17 2010 // Commentary

The Unsettling Resettlement of Bhutan’s Refugees

As resettlement of refugees from Bhutan gains momentum and the UK becomes the eighth country to take them in, leaders in exile wonder if repatriation is now a lost cause, Deepak Adhikari writes for ISN Security Watch. Swanky and snow-white buses emblazoned with blue IOM (International Organization for Migration) ferry a group of people who […]

Published on Sep 07 2010 // Commentary

TCR –A mixed bag of opportunities and miseries

After eighteen years of life in camps as a result of the failed bilateral talks between Nepal and Bhutan for repatriation, the process of Third Country Resettlement (TCR) got initiated for over 100,000 Bhutanese refugees. UNHCR deserves a big applause for its genuine effort for supporting so many refugees in Nepal and many more throughout […]

Published on Aug 29 2010 // Commentary

Reminding history to Bhutanese champion

The Prime Minister (PM) of Bhutan, Jigmi Y Thinley, labeled all the Bhutanese refugees as illegal immigrants during an exclusive interview with 101 East at Aljazeera on July 8, could be either he was then having no knowledge about the history of all immigrated people of Bhutan or intentionally lied to Aljazeera. Thinley explained that people in the camps in Nepal are the victims

Published on Aug 06 2010 // Commentary